Clear Oyster Soup 530g x 2
Clear Oyster Soup 530g x 2
Clear Oyster Soup 530g x 2
Clear Oyster Soup 530g x 2
EXP. 2024-03-28

Clear Oyster Soup 530g x 2


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[Jeongseongdri] Clear Oyster Soup 

Jeongseongdri's clear oyster soup is an easy cooking, four-seasons enjoyable soup made traditional. It is made from an oyster raised from the South Sea of Korea. To fully enjoy it, run trickling water over the packaging for a few minutes before opening. Once heated thoroughly, add thinly sliced green onions to enhance the flavors. Alternatively, season with soybean paste to taste.

Manufactured Environment

Hadong, Gyeongsangnam-do with a natural environment, Namhaean Oyster

The southern coast has an optimal environment for oysters to grow as the waves are not severe and the shallow sea topography is developed. Thanks to these conditions, oysters grown in the southern coast are said to be thicker and more nutritious than oysters from other regions. The clear oyster soup contains chewy and firm oysters harvested from Hadong and the southern coast of the Seomjin River. Feel the smell of the sea spreading in your mouth from the firmness of oysters from the southern coast.

How to Use

Convenient preparation

Our clear oyster soup is made with high quality oysters, radish, onions and Korean style fermented soy sauce. You can use this as a base for other Korean dishes. Enjoy this seafoody treat all year round.

Verified Quality

Trustworthy brand

Our quality is recognized by the Traditional Food Quality Certification, HACCP certification, and Seafood Brand Prize.

California Proposition 65

warning WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Allergy Info Oyster
Manufacturer Jeongseongdri
Origin Gyeongsangnam-do Hadong-gun
Ingredients Oyster broth [oyster (domestic), radish (domestic), onion (domestic), Korean soy sauce (domestic), sea salt (domestic), purified water] 90%, oyster meat (domestic) 10%

We produce healthy food with sincerity. We are a company that has won the grand prize in the seafood brand competition and has acquired traditional food certification.

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정성드리 맑은 굴국 재구매했어요 맛이 깔끔하고 시원하여 쪽파만 살짝 얹어 먹어도 맛있어요


한끼로 좋아요


굴 한 팩에 10개 정도 들어있네요. 야채 안 넣고 끓여서 보기엔 좀 그렇지만 맛은 좋아요


오랜만에 굴 생각도 나고 시원한 굴국물도 맛보고 싶어서 주문했어요. 매생이랑 무 부추 넣고 시원하게 끓여볼게요.


비린내 적고 맛있어서 재구매 의사 있어요


와우~~이렇게 싱싱한 맛의 맑은 굴국을 미국에서 먹다니~감동입니다 넘 맛있어서 고향에 다녀온 기분입니다 일단 아무것도 첨가하지 않고 맑은 굴국 그대로 맛을 보고 싶어 해동하고 끓이는데 냄새부터가 좋습니다 우선 맛을 보고 쪽파와 후추만 넣고 먹었어요 탱탱한 굴도 살아있고 맛도 신선함 그대로 입니다
어릴때 바닷가에서 직접 굴을 따서 먹기도 하고 명절에 굴로 떡국을 끓여 먹기도 했지만 솔직히 그때는 굴맛을 모르고 먹었지요 그런데 어른이 되고 더우기 미국 중서부에 살다보니 굴맛이 그립지만 싱싱한 굴을 구하기 쉽지 않은데 울타리 덕분에 이런 맛을 보게 되네요 굴 맛이 그리운 분들에게 강추합니다


요거 맛있어요 무 넣어서 끓여먹으면 시원하고 가족모두 좋아하는 국입니다


리뷰가 좋아서 처음 주문했는데
국물이 시원하고 맛있어요


아직먹어보진않았지만 기대됩니다


오래전에 구입했다가 재구매했어요. 굴이 실하고 시원해요.