Wow! Webfoot and Tteokbokki (Pouch)


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[Milano Food] Wow! Webfoot and Tteokbokki (Pouch)

 Webfoot octopus and Teokbokki met!
 Spicy and delicious Wow! Webfoot and Tteokbokki tastes neatly spicy and can be cooked in a camping tray and conveniently cooked anytime and anywhere.

Production and Distribution

 Easily eat Webfoot octopus and Tteokbokki sold at famous restaurants at home!

It is made up of fresh and elastic chewy webfoot octopus and chewy wheat tteok-bokki, so it is even more delicious!
It was quickly cooled down by mixing Milano Food's special sauce.

How to Use

It is more delicious when together!

 It is better to add a variety of ingredients thanks to the generous specialty seasoning.
Various vegetables such as cabbage, onions, leek, carrots, etc.
It is a typical high -protein low -calorie food that raises stamina and helps with diet.

Premium Ingreidents

Healthy and spicy taste! Efficacy of octopus!

 It's a spicy and healthy octopus!
The more you eat, the more fatigue will recover and your blood vessels will be very stronger.
It contains a large amount of taurine, which makes the metabolism smooth and eaten steadily, which is effective in preventing dementia, supplementing energy, preventing anemia, dieting, and protecting vision.

California Proposition 65

warning WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

manufacturing company Milan Food System
Producer Goyang -si, Gyeonggi -do
Main raw material Octopus (Vietnam)
Red pepper powder (Chinese)
Garlic (domestic acid)
Rice cake (Australian)
Storage Frozen

It is a Milano food system that aims for creative taste and corporate culture.The Milan Food System, recognized in the market with 'Wow! Hanjukkumi', is equipped with a safe and hygienic smart HACCP system to automatically monitor, store, and produce products based on the Internet of Things.

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한번 먹어보고싶어서 시켜보았습니다!


도착하자마자 바로 익혀서 먹었네요 다른것을 준비하다 밀어두고 갑자기 메뉴가 바뀌었어요 ㅎㅎ 늘 구입하던 쭈떡이지만 오늘은 유난히 맛이 있었던 우와한 쭈떡!! 구멍난 밀떡!! 강력 추천합니다


맛있어요 세일때종종 주문해먹는제품입니다. 콩나물이귀해 숙주넣고했는데도맛나요


쭈꾸미가 달달한 것이 너무 기대 이상의 맛이었어요! ^^




늘 구매하는


깜빡하고포장지를 버렸네요. 이거 정말 맛있어요 건이 쩝쪼름해서 데친 콩나물 넣고 볶았는데요 너무 맛있어요. 밀떡도 쫄깃하니 식감 최고에요. 달지않고 제 입에는 살짝 매운편이에요 강추!!!


양배추랑 파, 양파 많이 넣어서 먹었는데, 스트레스 확 날려주는 음식. 아주 맛있게 먹었고, 재구매 해야할 품목중에 하나가 됐네요. 소스를 오픈하자마자 매콤한 냄새에 놀라지 않을까 싶네요.


버섯 양파 각종야채 차돌박이 넣어도 넘맛잇네요


저희집 냉동실에 정말 항.상.! 구비해놓는 아이템이에요ㅋ 정말 꼭!
기분이 처져서 매콤한 음식이 땡길때 쭈꾸미에 우동사리 넣고 야채 조금더 넣어서 먹으면 정말 최고에요! 삶은 계란도 좋아해서 국물이랑 같이ㅎㅎ 으깨먹으면 진짜 맛있고요!
제가 정말.. 매운걸 좋아해서 쭈꾸미 제품 이것저것 다 먹어봤는데ㅎㅎ 솔직히 밀라노가 제~일 맛있어요!~!! 쭈꾸미도 잔뜩 들어가있고요!~! 맵기는 저는.. 신라면 정도 수준이라고 생각이 듭니다ㅎㅎ 미친듯한 매운맛은 아니에요! 아 그리고 급하게 손님오게되면 여기에 삼겹살 잘라서 사리로 같이 먹기도 합니다ㅎㅎ이러나저러나 냉동실에 항상 구비해야하는 제품이에요