[Siruwabanga] Barley Mugwort Rice Cake 24 pieces

[Siruwabanga] Barley Mugwort Rice Cake 24 pieces

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[Siruwabanga] Barley Mugwort Rice Cake 24 pieces

Made with Korean glutinous rice and barley rice powders, these soft, moist, and healthy rice cakes are easy to digest. Enjoy it as easy snacks or meals thanks to the individual packaging.

desc_distribution Production and Distribution

Handmade Traditional Rice Cakes produced with an Artisan's Hand

The rice cakes are produced with a traditional method that has been passed down for three generations in Yeongcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do. From making a dough to packaging, everything is done by hands then delivered after quenching it down below minus 28℃. The brand only offers healthy luxury rice cakes with the highest quality using specialties and various herbal ingredients from Yeongcheon region as ingredients.

desc_utilization How to Use

How to Maximize the Chewy Texture

Keep it frozen and enjoy the individual packaging. Defrost at room temperature for 30 minutes for rice cakes as chewy as new!

desc_quality Verified Quality

HACCP and hCMP Certification

The rice cakes are produced in a HACCP certifed facility. It is also an excellent certified company in Yeongcheon Korea that received hGMP, an excellent drug manufacture and quality control standard.

desc_materials Premium Ingreidents

Freshly Cooked Ingredients

Unlike other bean mugwort rice cakes with only glutinous rice and mugwort, these bean mugwort rice cakes boast soft and moist texture using freshly trimmed domestic glutinous rice, glutinous barley powder, and mugwort powder.

Allergy Info Contains soybeans
Manufacturer Shiruwa Banga
Origin Yeongcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Ingredients  Glutinous rice (domestic) 42.1%, barley powder (domestic) 30%, mugwort powder (domestic) 3.1%, whole bean paste 25.6% {adzuki bean (China) 65%, white sugar, starch syrup, modified starch, refined salt (domestic)}, Jeongbaeksan 15.6%, soy flour (soybean: made in China) 5.31%, refined salt 0.5%, purified water 1.7%, ester 0.1%, food coloring (mixed green) 0.012%

Note: Thaw 30 minutes before serving.

Storage method: Be sure to refrigerate..

Shiruwabanga is a rice cake family with a 45-year tradition that produces a variety of healthy rice cakes, medicines and products using special products from Yeongcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do. It has been passed down for three generations, and it makes and sells rice cakes with sincerity.

Customer Reviews

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Jin-Ah Kim

팥이 조금 달지만 먹을때 쑥향이 은은하게 퍼져서 조화롭게 먹을 수 있어요

일하다 출출할때 간식으로 딱 좋아요.

하나씩 개별포장되어 냉동실에 얼려놓기도 편하고 출근할때마다 하나씩 들고 와서 일하다가 출출할때 자연해동으로 간편하게 먹을수있어 좋아요. 건강에 좋은 쑥과 보리뿐 아니라 기분 좋은 단맛의 팥고물이 듬뿍 들어 좋으네요. 강추!

young ha

냉동에서 몇분만 내놓으면 말랑말랑해졌어 넘 좋고 또 맛도 좋아 넘 좋아요

Eunhee Lee
5 Stars

떡이 정말 맛있어요~
쑥이 들어가서 아이들이 좋아할까 했는데 대만족입니다.

Bokhee Chang
5 Stars

맛있어요. 그런데 개인적으로는 던 진한 쑥향과 맛을 기대했네요. 보슬보슬한 콩고물이 좋아요.

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