[Hangook Food] Surichwi mochi rice cake 720g (15pec)

[Hangook Food] Surichwi mochi rice cake 720g (15pec)

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Manufactured Environment How to Use Nutritions

[Hangook Food] Surichwi mochi rice cak

The chewy glutinous rice mochi is filled with sweet red bean paste. It is a nutritious snack loved by children for its sweet taste. Flavor and nutrients that contain pure nature - This is a medicinal rice cake that was presented to the king as well.

desc_environment Manufactured Environment

A finest surichwi that grew up in Inje, South Korea

It retains the flavor and nutrients of gomchwi and surichwi grown by nature in Inje. Processed with no colorants and no preservatives!

desc_utilization How to Use

How to Eat

It is delicious even if it is automatically defrosted at room temperature, and it is perfect even if you use a microwave or frying pan! If left in the freezer for 30-40 minutes at room temperature, it will thaw naturally. If the rice cakes are hardened, reheat them in the microwave for 30 seconds.

desc_nutritional Nutritions

The prince of dietary fiber "Surichwi"

Surichwi, which promotes blood circulation and is good for back pain and headaches, grows in the deep, clean natural areas such as high mountains and mountain slopes. It is rich in vitamins and contains the most dietary fiber among wild vegetables, so it is a good food for diet and is also popular as a medicinal plant.

manufacturer Hangook food SMD
origin inje-gun, Gangwon-do
raw material name 36% of glutinous rice (domestic acid), 35% surichwi (domestic acid), 28% of red bean jam (Dong-A food-China), and 1% of salt (domestic acid)

Note : No preservatives, must keep refrigerated
How to keep : Keep frozen

Hangook Food is making well-being snacks that embrace the clean nature of Inje. It is a brand that produces products with its flavor and nutrients, using only gomchwi and surichwi grown in Inje, and produces high-quality food with sincerity and sincerity with no colorants and no preservatives.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Young Yoon
3 Stars

맛있는데 다른 떡에비해 꽤 찔겨요. 담번엔 쪄서 먹어 봐야 겠어요.

Minjee Kim
4 Stars

상품평들처럼 많이 달지 않고 수리취가 듬뿍 들어간 맛있는 전통 떡 맛이예요. 아쉬운건 개당 가격이 2불인거에 비해 너무 작아요ㅠㅠ

KyoungSil Choi
5 Stars

너무 달지 않고 쫀득한 맛이 일품이에요. 시험 삼아 오더 했는데 담엔 더 여유있게 사놔야 겠어요. 제가 사는곳은 모든 제품이 엘에이서 오는거라 얼었다 녹았다 그래도 아쉬운대로 사다 먹었는데.... 울타리몰 감사해요. 모든제품 하나하나 깔끔한 포장 정성이 보여요.

Deoukchen Ghim
5 Stars

상온해동하면 쫀득하게 먹을 수 있고 개별포장이라 편해요.
개당 크기는 좀 작아요.
은은한 향과 식감이 쫄깃해하고 앙금도 그렇게 달지 않아 좋았어요.

Kwangwook Lim
5 Stars

수취리 처음 먹어 봤는데 향도 좋고 맛나네요 단팥도 많이 안달고 쫀득히니 맛나요 아쉬운건 사이즈가 생각했던것보다 조금 작다는거 빼고는 다 만족입니다!!

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