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[Seorim] Jin Dashi Pack 15g x 10
[Seorim] Jin Dashi Pack 15g x 10
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[Seorim] Jin Dashi Pack 15g x 10

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Key Point

Production and Distribution How to Use Premium Ingreidents

[Seorim] Jin Dashi Pack

Domestic natural seafood and roasted radish are used just as they are. Anchovies and shrimp from clean water help to thicken the broth, while kelp and seaweed from Wando create the best taste and flavor of dashi broth.

desc_distribution Production and Distribution

Hygienic and convenient tea bag format

Carefully packed in a safe tea bag by hand.

desc_utilization How to Use

The basic taste of soup is a thick and cool broth.

Use the bag to make a broth for noodles, rice cake soup, bean sprout soup, etc.

desc_materials Premium Ingreidents

100% domestic raw materials

You can eat with confidence. We use anchovies, shrimp, seaweed, seaweed, and radish grown in Seogwipo, Jeju, caught in the clean waters of the Tongyeong sea east of Hallyeosudo.

Manufacturer Seorim Foods
Origin Busan metropolitan city
Ingredients 40% of anchovy (Gyeongnam Tongyeong), 20% of kelp (Jeonnam Wando), 7% of seaweed (Jeonnam Wando), 7% of shrimp (Gyeongnam Tongyeong), 26% of radishes (Jeju Seogwipo)
50kcal per 15g * 1 day nutrient
ratio to reference value
sodium 260mg 11%
4g carbohydrate 1%
1g saccharide
1g fat 1%
0g transfat
0g saturated fat
40mg of cholesterol 13%
protein 5g

* The ratio (%) to the daily nutritional standard is 2,000 kcal, so it may vary depending on the individual's required calories.

Seorim Foods has been working hard to make all-purpose seasoning soy sauce that anyone can use easily and simply with healthy ingredients, and as a result, tuna sauce was born. It is a food company that strives to supply healthy and honest products to consumers.

Customer Reviews

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한국에서 사온 다시팩 다써서 함께 주문했습니다 : ) 울타리몰에서 판매하는 다시팩 네이버 검색으로 비교한 끝에 해당 제품 구매했어요 : )~!!!!!

다시팩을 주문해주신 고객님의 소중한 리뷰,
100포인트 적립해드리겠습니다. 감사합니다.


세일하길레 별 생각없이 항상 쓰는 국물 내는 재료로 주문했는데 감칠맛을 제대로 내는 다시팩이네요.
사용하기도 편하고 국물도 깨끗하고 진하게 나옵니다.


같이 주문한 멸치랑 같이 국물 우려내면 정말 맛있어요!! 한국 요리는 역시 육수를 내야지 제맛이죠! 나중에 다시팩 걸러내기도 편하고 정말 괜찮네요


믿고 우려내는 다시팩이에요.
저는 다시우려내는게 그렇게 귀찮더라구요..
멸치똥도 제거해야하고, 다시 걷어내야하고
이렇게 팩에 소분되어있으니,
요즘은 다시 우려내서 더 건강한 밥상을 차리고 있답니다.


오뎅국에도 김치찌개에도 이것 하나로 간편하고 깨끗하게 다시국물을 내어 시작하니 식구들 평가가 달라지네요. 감칠맛이 느껴진다고. 팩이 큼직한 편이라 많은 양 국물요리에 잘 활용하고 있습니다.

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