[Siruwabanga] Korean Mochi (Duteob Tteok) 24p (1.3kg)

[Siruwabanga] Korean Mochi (Duteob Tteok) 24p (1.3kg)

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Production and Distribution How to Use Verified Quality Premium Ingreidents

[Siruwabanga] Korean Mochi (Duteob Tteok)

These soft and chewy mochis are filled with sweet white kidney bean paste and various nuts. Enjoy it as easy snacks or meals with an individual packaging.

desc_distribution Production and Distribution

Handmade Traditional Rice Cakes produced with an Artisan's Hand

The rice cakes are produced with a traditional method that has been passed down for three generations in Yeongcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do. From making a dough to packaging, everything is done by hands then delivered after quenching it down below minus 28℃. The brand only offers healthy luxury rice cakes with the highest quality using specialties and various herbal ingredients from Yeongcheon region as ingredients.

desc_utilization How to Use

How to Enjoy

Enjoy it as a snack with warm green tea. The rice cakes will make your tea time even better.

desc_quality Verified Quality

HACCP and hCMP Certification

The rice cakes are produced in a HACCP certifed facility. It is also an excellent certified company in Yeongcheon Korea that received hGMP, an excellent drug manufacture and quality control standard.

desc_materials Premium Ingreidents

Famous Rice Cake made with Korean Ingredients

These premium rice cakes are made with Korean rice, sweet pumpkin, mugwort, and black rice.

Allergy info. Contains wheat
Manufacturer Siruwabanga
Origin Youngchun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Ingredients Mugwort rice cake: 60% glutinous rice (domestic), white jade enamel (12% white kidney beans (49.5% imported), white sugar, starch syrup, refined salt (domestic), and base water (10% eastern red bean (Chinese) map flesh (domestic), glutinous rice powder (domestic) / Pumpkin rice cake: 60% glutinous rice (domestic), white jade paste (12%) (49.5% white Gangnam corn (49.5% imported), white sugar, starch syrup, refined salt (domestic), and dried seaweed (domestic) (10% eastern red bean (Chinese), map rice (domestic), sweet pumpkin powder (domestic) / Black rice cake: 60% glutinous rice cake (domestic), white jade sediment (12% white kidney beans (49.5% imported), white sugar, starch syrup, refined salt (domestic), seaweed soup (10% eastern red bean (Chinese), and black rice 10% (domestic)

Note: Preservatives and emulsifiers are not added. Take it within 5 days
Storage method: If not taken within 5 days, please keep it frozen

Siruwa Banga is a 45-year-old rice cake producer that produces variety of healthy snacks using the specialties of Yeongcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do. It has been in tradition for three generations and sells rice cakes with sincerity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Young Seok
3 Stars

떡이 다 녹아서 말랑해진 상태로 도착했어요. 리뷰보고 기대를 너무 많이 했나봐요. 생각보다 달고 안에 고물 씹은맛이 덜해요. 한국에서 먹던 두텁떡에 비해 맛은 떨어지는데 가격은 비싸요.

Hannah kim
5 Stars

고소하고 맛있어요. 특히 좋은 점은 냉동에 넣어도 떡이 딱딱하지가 않아요. 모찌 아이스크림처럼 바로 꺼내서 녹이지 않고 먹어도 딱이에요.

Deoukchen Ghim
4 Stars

떡이 개별포장 되어 있고 예뻐서 선물용으로 좋을 것 같아요.
냉동실에서 꺼내두면 부드럽게 녹아서 좋았어요.
질기지 않고 쫀득해요.
수리취떡 두 종류와 같이 구매했는데 저는 이 떡이 좀 달아서 아쉬웠어요.

Nuri Bae
5 Stars

미국에서 먹어본 두텁떡 중에 최고로 맛있었습니다. 다만 가격대가 조금 높아서 자주 주문하기가 어려워 속상하지만 떡 자체는 아주 맛있었어요.

Sanghee Cha
5 Stars

별로 달지 않고 맛있어요. 한국갔다 오면서 떡 사서 얼려오곤 했는데 그냥 이거 사먹어도 될 거 같아요.

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