[Daelung] Hwang Jin Dried Pollack Regular Flavor 30g x 3 Packets (small packaging)
용대황태연합단대륭 영농조합법인

[Daelung] Hwang Jin Dried Pollack Regular Flavor 30g x 3 Packets (small packaging)

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Key Point

Manufactured Environment Premium Ingreidents Nutritions

[Daelung] Hwang Jin Dried Pollack Regular Flavor

Dried pollack jerky that pairs perfectly with beer! Inje Yongdae-ri Hwangtae is the best tasting and high quality dried pollack that has been freezing and thawing slowly with help from the sun and wind for four months. Enjoy as a healthy snack or as a premium quality treat with alcohol!

desc_environment Manufactured Environment

Yongdae-ri Hwangtae from Inje, Gangwon Province

Yongdae-ri in Inje, Gangwon Province boasts the ideal backdrop for Hwangtae, with its blazing sunlight, windy climate, and harsh cold. More than 70% of 30% of all the dried pollack in Korea is produced by us. Why do the Yongdaeri pollacks come from Russia? Pollacks are a coldwater fish and in recent years, we have been importing pollacks directly from Russia due to the rise in the East Sea temperatures. However, Yongdae-ri's blessed natural environmenta and tradition create the distinct Korean traditional taste and quality. From warehousing to packaging, YongdaeHwangtae Federation oversees the entire process.

desc_materials Premium Ingreidents

Premium quality Hwang Jini Norang-tae

“Norang-tae” translates to “yellow fish” because of its characteristic golden yellow exterior and soft texture. Instead of being beaten manually, these pollacks are naturally softened as a result of Gangwon-do’s sunlight and wind.

desc_nutritional Nutritions

Nutritional Facts of Hwangtae

Hwangtae is a health food often enjoyed grilled, stewed, or deep fried. Containing virtually no cholesterol and packed with protein, dried pollack is a wonderful food choice for growing children and the elderly.

Allergy Info Dried pollack
Manufacturer Yongdaehwangtae Federation Dandaeryung Agricultural Cooperative Corporation
Origin Inje-gun, Gangwon-do
Ingredients 50% : pollack (Russian), sulfur gin isoth 50% [white sugar, purified water, 14% of North fish extract (Northern fish powder/Russian), liquid sorbitol, refined salt (domestic acid), potassium sorbitate

Storage Method: Store in a cool, well-ventilated place.

Yongdaehwangtae Federation Dandaeryung Agricultural Cooperative Corporation is making 'Heavenly Dried Pollack' with the environment of Yongdae-ri, which has the clean energy of pure seorak, and the pride of the first-generation pollack craftsmen. It is a brand that produces high-quality pollack that contains the efforts and devotion of Yongdae-ri residents who say that nine months of the year are devoted to making yellow pollack.

Customer Reviews

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seong park
5 Stars


Sangyoung Bae
5 Stars

큰 기대 없이 주문해봤는데 정말 대박이네요~ 촉촉하고 고소하고 너무 맛있어요!!! 순한맛 주문했는데 매운맛도 같이 또 주문해야겠어요. 맥주도둑이예요^^

Kija Lee
5 Stars

심심할때 먹기 너무 좋아요. 한봉지 띁어서 한번씩 먹으니 아주 간식으로도 좋군요. 살찔걱정없이 얌얌.. 감사합니다.

shinhea Yoon
5 Stars

순한맛은 아이들과 먹어보려고 샀는데
가시가 조금씩 나와서 저혼자 냠냠...
좀 짜서 물이 많이 땡기네요...정말 맥주를 부르는 맛!

순한맛 3봉 오더에 딸려온 매운맛...
오~~~매콤함이 짠맛을 가려주어 그런지 더 감칠맛 나네요!!

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