Semi-dried steamed yellow corvina (Gulbi) 170g*10ea
Semi-dried steamed yellow corvina (Gulbi) 170g*10ea
Semi-dried steamed yellow corvina (Gulbi) 170g*10ea
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Semi-dried steamed yellow corvina (Gulbi) 170g*10ea


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[Baekdam Gulbi] Ban Gunjo steamed Gulgulbi 170g x 10 Mi

It is the best semi -dry steamed steamed steamer!
After drying the raw materials, it is a product that can be eaten easily by simmering and warming and warming the flesh.
In particular, you can remove the gills to enjoy the clean and white oyster oysters.
If you heat it in a microwave (3 minutes), steamer (15 minutes), or airfryer (10 minutes), you can taste the firm and chewy inner meat.

※ Gulbi real weight: 170g inside and outside / Live size: About 28cm and abroad

* Operations: Hwanghae, China
* Processing paper: Inje, Gangwon -do

Production and Distribution

The best rice thief to enjoy easily!

Bori Gulbi refers to dried yellow corvina pickled in salt and matured in barley rice. It is a valuable ingredient that has been called the best rice thief since ancient times because it takes a lot of work to mature and tastes good. Baekdam Gulbi products are the best barley yellow corvina grown through the latest sanitary facilities by naturally drying Chinese corvina in the clean Baekdam Valley.

Manufacturing Process

Make it hygienic with care in the best environment!

Seorak Baekdam Valley has the best dried fish environment because of its good temperature, wind, and illumination. Baekdam Gulbi is aged healthily through natural drying in the best environment.

It is different from dried yellow corvina using only salt from other yellow corvina using the best mineral-containing water quality of seawater as a guard using only 605m deep ocean water on the east coast.

Dry fish with state-of-the-art freeze-drying methods. This is a patented construction method and the latest equipment that only our company has succeeded in.

Verified Quality

We send it in a luxurious gift case and shopping bag!

A luxurious hard case, styrofoam lid, and a shopping bag embroidered with foil patterns are carefully packed. It's good for sharing and giving gifts to precious people
※ Shopping bag size (including box) : 400 x 340 x 115mm

California Proposition 65

warning WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

 Baekdam Gulbi produces barley gulbi in Baekdam Valley, the center of Naeseorak and a natural clean area. We use natural drying ducts and deep ocean water and dry them with state-of-the-art freeze drying methods to produce the best products.

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