[Gyeongseong Shiitake Mushroom] White Shiitake Mushrooms Assorted Pack of 3 (White Mushroom130g+ Sliced 90g+ Black Mushroom 120g)


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[Moss Oak Stick] White Shiitake Mushrooms Assorted Pack of 3 (White Mushroom130g+ Sliced 90g+ Black Mushroom 120g)

White and black shiitake mushrooms, picked from oak trees, account for only 2% of all shiitake mushrooms produced in Korea annually. This product is perfect for gifts or special occasions.


Manufactured Environment

Family Farm in Gayasan Mountain, Seongju County, North Gyeongsang Province

The family farm, located at the foot of Gayasan Mountain in Seongju-gun, North Gyeongsang Province, produces shiitake mushrooms through the natural and eco-friendly cultivation of pure oak wood.


Production and Distribution

Process Management Responsible for Master Shiitake Mushroom in North Gyeongsang Province

Gyeongseong Shiitake Mushroom Farm has been in the family business for three generations, and selected shiitake mushroom masters thoroughly manage the quality from ingredient harvest to production, packaging and sales of products are shipped.


Premium Ingreidents

Valuable shiitake mushrooms grown on Korean pure oak trees

Shiitake mushrooms are harvested in a natural environment after being inoculated with the pure oak species then grown and incubated for about two years.

Allergy Info Mushroom
Manufacturer Gyeongseong shiitake mushroom
Origin Gyeongsangbuk-do seongju
Ingredients 100% shiitake mushroom

Storage Method: Once opened, seal and prevent contact with air. Store at low-temperature, avoiding direct sunlight.

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3가지 종류로 들어 있어 필요에 따라 사용할 수 있고 품질도 너무 좋고 맛있어요. 포장이 고급스러워 선물용으로도 좋은 것 같아요.

-Gyeongseong Shiitake Mushroom Farm in Seongju-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do produces high-quality shiitake mushrooms with technology accumulated over 70 years and 3 generations on a land of about 8,000 square meters.