[Global Clam] Clams Bachelor Golden Clams 20g x 2packs
[Global Clam] Clams Bachelor Golden Clams 20g x 2packs

[Global Clam] Clams Bachelor Golden Clams 20g x 2packs


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Room Temp.


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[Global Clam] Clams Bachelor Golden Clams

The golden clam meat is nutritious and has excellent texture and umami as the raw clam meat remains intact even after ultra-high pressure sterilization and freeze-drying. It is 100% domestic and does not use additives or preservatives, and it can be conveniently used anytime, anywhere because it is stored at room temperature.


Manufactured Environment

Gochang, Jeollabuk-do with a long history and cultural relics

It is produced in the Hajeon tidal flat in Gochang, Jeollabuk-do, one of the largest producers of clams in the country, boasting unique beauty. Hajeon Village in Gochang is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and boasts clean waters.


How to Use

Golden Clam Pasta Recipe

Heat garlic in a pan with olive oil and saute it over low heat, then add pepperoncino to your liking. Add boiled noodles for about 8 minutes and adjust the seasoning. Fry for about 2 minutes and plate with parsley powder in a bowl to make delicious golden clam clam pasta.


Verified Quality

Clean sanitation system

It is an HPP ultra-high pressure sterilization product and certified by HACCP to prove that it is a product processed in a sanitary facility.

Allergy Info Shellfish
Manufacturer Global Clam
Origin Gochang-si, Jeollabuk-do
Ingredients 100% clams (domestic)
70.5kcal * 1 day nutrient
ratio to reference value
50mg sodium 3%
6g carbohydrate 0.3%
saccharide 0.1g 0%
0.5g fat 0%
0g transfat 0%
0.2g saturated fat 0%
20mg of cholesterol 1%
protein 10.2g 0.5%

Storage Method: Avoid direct sunlight and seal it and keep it at room temperature.

Customer Reviews

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값이 부담스러웠지만 울타리 몰 상품이라 믿고 샀어요. 바지락 깨끗하고 비리지 않아요. 설명서대로 잘 불려서 요리하니 요긴하게 잘 쓰이네요. 양도 보기보단 많아요. 만족합니다.

구매에 감사드리며
300 포인트를 드립니다


생각보다 양은 작아요. 말린 거라서 실온 보관입니다. 편리하죠.. 칼국수 만들 때 국물로 이용하니 맛이 좋았고요. 다음에는 파스타에 이용 하려고 합니다..저처럼 한국 마켓이 먼 사람에게는 울타리몰이 정말 감사할 뿐이죠. 믿을수 있는 품질의 먹거리라서.. 저는 울타리 자주 이용합니다…

황금 바지락살이 맛있어서 만족하신 고객님의 소중한 포토 리뷰,
300포인트 적립해드리겠습니다. 감사합니다.


물에 불려 파스타랑 찌개에도 넣어 보았는데 바지락 향도 안나고 비린맛도 나네요.

저희 울타리몰을 이용해주셔서 감사합니다.
바지락살이 비린맛이 나 식사를 힘들게 하게된점 유감입니다.
더 나은 제품으로 보답하겠습니다.

제품구매 감사드리고, 리뷰 포인트 300 적립해 드리겠습니다.

We produce products that can be easily used with clams grown in Gochang Tidal Flat, a UNESCO clean area. Clams that are stored at room temperature without shell waste! With the goal of pride of being the best product among clams, we will produce only excellent domestic clams that are clear where and who raised and processed them.