[Namhaean] Dried Anchovies (Broken Down) 1.5kg

[Namhaean] Dried Anchovies (Broken Down) 1.5kg

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How to Use Premium Ingreidents Nutritions

[Namhaean] Dried Anchovies (Broken Down) 1.5kg

Dried anchovy, a non-polluting natural food, has superior nucleic acid, taurine, and calcium content. It is good for various stir-frying and stewing purposes.

desc_utilization How to Use

Calcium-rich Anchovy Stir-fry Recipe

Stir-fry anchovy in a pan, add chopped green onion, red pepper, and sugar and stir-fry it again to complete the fragrant anchovy stir-fry.

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Anchovy grown in the southern coast, the hometown of anchovies

The shape and taste of anchovies vary depending on the water temperature, food, and current conditions in each region. Anchovy grown on the abundant plankton of the southern coast has excellent texture and meat quality, and is low in oil, so it does not have a fishy smell.

desc_nutritional Nutritions

Benefits of anchovies

Nucleic acid and taurine contained in anchovies prevent skin aging and prevent high blood pressure and stroke. Also, it is known to be rich in calcium, so it is good for growing children and preventing osteoporosis.

Allergy Info Contains anchovy
Manufacturer Namhaean
Origin South sea mountain of korea
Ingredients 100% anchovy

Storage Method: Freezer storage

Chewy, clean, natural taste! We produce only clean ingredients with fresh ingredients. We will deliver the fresh smell of the sea as it is.

Customer Reviews

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정말 맘에들어요!
지리멸치를 미국에서 이렇게 깨끗하게 보다니!!

먹고 또 살거같아요!

5 Stars

벌써 몇 박스째 주문하고 있습니다.
맛있어서 지인분들께 선물했는데 좋다고 구매 부탁히셔서 또 사게 됐네요.
좋은 멸치를 좋은 가격에 살 수 있게 해주셔서 울타리에 감사드립니다.

Jennifer Park
5 Stars

멸치부자가 된거 같아 든든합니다

Aekyung Ma
5 Stars

멸치가 색깔도 좋고 건조 상태도 좋은데요, 너무 마르지도 않고, 축축 하지도 않고요.
지퍼백에 넎어 냉동시키면 꽤 오래 먹을것 같애요

Young jo Lynn
5 Stars

지퍼백에 넣어 냉동실에 보관했어요 아직 반찬으로 만들진 않았지만 간식으로 먹어도 맛이 좋네요 양이 많아서 오랫동안 먹을수 있을것 같아요
다시멸치도 실하고 정말 품질좋은 멸치입니다. .

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