[Gyo Dongjeon Cook Master] Spicy Squid Stew 500g x 2

[Gyo Dongjeon Cook Master] Spicy Squid Stew 500g x 2

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Key Point

Production and Distribution Manufacturing Process How to Use

[Gyo Dongjeon Cook Master] Spicy Squid Stew

Gyo Dongjeon Cook Master's Spicy Squid Stew is full of Korean radish, chewy squid, tofu, and onion that brings a cool sensation, spicy, and sweet flavor to the soup.

desc_distribution Production and Distribution

Lively texture of the ingredients

Extreme high temperature sterilization causes the ingredients to ripen too much and the texture to be lost. All of Gyo Dongjeon Cook Master's simple instant soups are made without sterilization to preserve the texture of the ingredients.

desc_manufacture Manufacturing Process

Ready to eat home cooked recipe full of rich flavors from a deep cauldron boil

In the factory, large portions of the soup are boiled, not steamed, in a cauldron over strong firepower to preserve the deep taste of the soup naturally brewed from the ingredients.

desc_utilization How to Use

Easy preparation method

Pot Cooking
After de-frosting, pour into a pot and heat for 4~5 minutes.

Microwave Cooking
After de-frosting, pour into a microwavable bowl and heat for 4~5 minutes (you must pour it into a separate bowl).

Allergy Info Contains squid, soybean, beef
Manufacturer Kyodong co., Ltd.
Origin Seongdong-gu, Seoul
Ingredients Purified water 50%, squid (far-yang) 20%, radish (domestic) 15%, onion (domestic) 5%, water red pepper (China) 3%, garlic (China) 2%, red pepper powder (China) 2%, green onion (domestic) ) 2%, Refined Salt (Domestic), Beef Dashi (Beef: Australia, Corn Starch: Foreign / Hungary, Russia, Serbia, etc.)

Storage Method: Store in freezer below 18ºC

Gyo Dongjeon Cook Master is a brand that has been steadily loved by providing neat Korean food, Jeon, the soul food of Koreans, and operating 41 stores in Korea including major commercial areas in Seoul over the past 10 years.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sung Hee Kim

오징어가 약간 부족한 듯 하지만, 맛은 좋아요.

So Hyun Kang
5 Stars

무가 약간 꼬들꼬들하지만 오징어 식감도 좋았고 국물이 정말 맛있어요. 언제 재입고 되나요?

5 Stars

겨울에 먹기 딱좋고 너무 시원합니다
사서 먹으면 후회없어요

Kim Sulgi
5 Stars

얼큰하고 칼칼하고 간도 잘맞고 좋아요.
저도 포장이 아쉽네요.한개가 구멍이 나서 박스 안이 엉망이네요. 다음에 주문할때는 포장 신경써주세요.

seong park
4 Stars

얼큰오징어찌개가칼칼하니 맛은좋았는데 배송오면서 작은구멍이난줄모르고보내어서 배송오면서 제품이녹으니 작은구멍으로 국물이빠져서 다른제품으로 묻어서 일일이 다닦았읍니다

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