[Daeil CNF] Stewed Flounder 800g

[Daeil CNF] Stewed Flounder 800g


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[Daeil CNF] Stewed Flounder 800g

This is a meal kit that is easy to make with chewy flounder and sea scallops. Shiraegi is rich in dietary fiber, iron, and calcium, and helps to prevent arteriosclerosis by lowering blood cholesterol. You can easily cook and enjoy spicy and sweet simmered flounder.



Nutritious flatfish and dried radish greens

Dried radish greens is rich in dietary fiber, iron, and calcium, which is beneficial for skin and bone health. In addition, flatfish also contains a large amount of protein, essential amino acids, and vitamin D, which is good for skin regeneration and prevention of osteoporosis.


How to Use

Recipe to make delicious flatfish dried greens

After lightly rinsing the flatfish and dried radish greens, place the greens in 700ml of water and place the flatfish on top. When the water boils, add 200g of the sauce and boil it over high heat for 20 minutes.


Premium Ingreidents

Use of reliable domestic materials

You can eat it with confidence as we use only domestic shiraegi and domestic kodari.

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manufacturer Corporate Co., Ltd.
origin Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Raw material name Flounder, Siraegi (Domestic), Mt. Saxes: Spicy Spice Season (Mul: Foreign)}, Mixed Soya Amino Mountain Soys (Degable Soybeans: India), Red pepper Powder, Garlic; [Amino acid soy sauce (degraded soybeans: india), refining salt (domestic), brewed soy sauce, water fuck, cararel color, fishermen, grapes, glucose, lemon cloth (lemon enrichment and succulent, lemon) (lemon enrichment and juice), refining salt (domestic) , Mortgage, Sugar, Garlic, L-Glumin (sodium, sodium), Soybean oil, black and pouring, soybean, wheat containing

Storage method: -18 ℃ or less Frozen storage.

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