[The Right] Original Black Herbal Tea 100ml x 30


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[The Right] Original Black Herbal Tea 100ml

Original Black Herbal Tea is made following a new method, away from the well-known traditional ways that were true to Korea's kings. This tea's approach is more friendly and was created to enjoy with ease. Original Black Herbal Tea is an attractive recovery agent with soft, deep flavors and a strong aroma.


Production and Distribution

HACCP-certified production facilities

At HACCP certified facilities, every detail is thoroughly managed from employee hygiene, production tool disinfection to product selection and distribution to create delicious and high-quality black herbal tea.

Step 1

Ingredient Selection

8 kinds of domestic ingredients and excellent Vietnamese cinnamon are selected.

Step 2

Mixing and Extraction

The ingredients are mixed and boiled for 8 hours or more.

Step 3


Thanks to the convenient pouch, it is easy to consume.

Step 4

Metal Detection

Product safety is improved by passing through a metal detector.


How to Use

How to deliciously enjoy black herbal tea

To enjoy a warm tea, put the pack in boiling water and heat it for about 5 minutes, then pour it into a cup or heat it in the microwave for a cup, and add pine nuts or sunflower seeds if you like. To enjoy it cool, you can put it in the refrigerator and enjoy it cool, or you can enjoy it as iced coffee with plenty of ice, or you can make a black herbal latte by adding milk and condensed milk to the tea.


Premium Ingreidents

Healthy and delicious black herbal tea with 9 high-quality medicinal ingredients

The original Black Herbal Tea contains generous amounts of cheongung, milk vetch root, angelica, jujube, earl yam, sukjihwang, cinnamon, licorice, and ginger to give it a richer flavor.

Allergy Info (bee) honey, jujube, ginger
Manufacturer The Right Cooperative
Origin Gochang-gun, jeonrabuk-do
Ingredients Purified water 30%, earl yam 12%, Sukhumvit 10%, Honey 10%, Astragalus 10%, Angelica 8%, Jujube 5%, Ginger 4%, Licorice 2%, [Domestic], Cinnamon 1% [Vietnam]

Note: 1) If you have a specific constitution or allergic constitution, check the ingredients before consuming. 2) Be careful not to injure your hands when opening. 3) Be careful when ingesting as the cut surface may be sharp. 4) Do not heat the pouch directly in the microwave. Storage Method: Store in a cool place, avoiding high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight.

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