[Masua] Local Fir 100g
설악산그린푸드 마수아

[Masua] Local Fir 100g

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Key Point

Production and Distribution How to Use Nutritions

[Masua] Local Fir

Masua local fir is a naturally dried product which after being grown in a clean area, is made to be easily consumed once the ones with strong thick thorns are selected and carefully trimmed.

desc_distribution Production and Distribution

Reliable production and distribution process of Seoraksan Green Food

Seoraksan Green Food, which makes Masua's herbal ingredients, manufactures unique oriental ingredients from each region using only fresh ingredients harvested in season every year, and distributes them in small packages in hygienic HACCP facilities. It is highly favored by eco-friendly stores in Korea, and with more advanced processing and manufacturing facilities, we strive to provide safe and reliable herbal ingredients.

desc_utilization How to Use

Drinking Method

When cooked with chicken broth, it becomes a good nourishing food and removes odor. Also, you can boil 70g in 1 liter of water over low heat for a long time and drink it as a tea.

desc_nutritional Nutritions

Nutritional Facts of Fir.

Fir trees are known to be particularly good for arthritis and neuralgia, and the ingredient hederazenin in fir trees helps lower blood sugar.

Allergy Info Fir
Manufacturer Seoraksan green food
Origin Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do
Ingredients Fir 100% 

Storage Method: Avoid high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight and store in a cool place

Seoraksan Green Food is a company specializing in the production of wild vegetables in Gangwon-do, and it enhances taste and quality by making homemade food through customized machinery. It is a brand that values the health of customers through thorough quality control and careful selection process.

Customer Reviews

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Jangmi An
5 Stars

삼계탕이랑 닭죽을 자주 해먹는지라 이번에 울타리몰에서 삼계탕 재료들 다양하게 구입해봤어요. 엄나무랑 황기랑 반반씩 넣고 끓여보려고 한봉지씩 구입했는데 각각 반씩 넣어서 두번 끓여먹기 딱 좋을 것 같네요. 울타리몰은 상품마다 국산! 이라고 딱 자랑스럽게 적혀있어서 참 믿음직스러운거 같아요. 좋은 제품 판매해주셔서 감사합니다.

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