[Baekmalsoon] Backbone Fermented Soy Sauce 400g

[Baekmalsoon] Backbone Fermented Soy Sauce 400g


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[Baekmalsoon]Backbone Fermented Soy Sauce

It is a traditional fermented soy sauce made by mixing barley bran powder as the main ingredient and 13 ingredients such as brown rice, glutinous rice, and soybeans with soybean water. You can enjoy the harmonious sweet and savory, spicy and bitter taste.


Manufacturing Process

Hand-crafted backbone

After making soybean flour, which is the outer part of barley, steamed, roasting, and fermenting for about 6 months, the dark fermented meju is powdered and aged by adding soybeans, barley, millet, red pepper powder, and sea salt. All work is done by hand.


How to Use

Numerous Dishes Used with Backbone

Ssamjang, bibimjang, seasoning with various herbs, and removing odors when cooking meat and fish, etc., add a deep flavor to many dishes.


Verified Quality

Our food is safe to eat

It has been certified by HACCP, a food safety management standard, and it is a food you can trust and eat as it is certified by the agricultural convergence industry (the 6th industry).

Allergy Info
Manufacturer Baekmalsoon 
Origin Seongju-gun, gyeongsangbuk-do
Ingredients  Barley 56% (Domestic), Brown Rice Miscellaneous Rice Powder 12% (Domestic), Soybean 12% (Domestic), Green Soybean Extract (Domestic), Qing Plum Extract (Domestic), Low Chocheong (Domestic), All-day Salt (Domestic), Cheongguk Steel powder (domestic), red pepper powder (domestic)

Storage Method: Refrigerator storage

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너무 맛나요 고기랑 같이 먹으니 꿀맛이네요
등겨장에 참기름 뿌리고 고추 찍어먹으며 고기랑 맛나게 먹었어요!!!
정말 최고!!♡♡♡♡♡♡
아이들도 쌈장맛에 채소도 많이 먹었네요

The secret recipe passed down from three generations, and made with a 60-year tradition, this is a brand that makes special fermented foods made by roasting barley bran. It has less sodium than regular soy sauce and is rich in dietary fiber.