[Tightguard] Silver nano sterilization mask 3D (Made in Korea) *5

[Tightguard] Silver nano sterilization mask 3D (Made in Korea) *5

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Key Point

Production and Distribution Manufacturing Process How to Use

[Tightguard] Silver nano sterilization mask 3D (Made in Korea)

No more disposable masks.

Now it is a 3D silver nano mask that can be washed. Change to a hygienic silver nano sterilization mask with quick drying.

desc_distribution Production and Distribution

Made In Korea

Washable mask with a triple filter made in Korea.

desc_manufacture Manufacturing Process

Silver nano technology sterilization mask

It is excellent for sterilizing bacteria as well as yellow dust and fine dust. As a Korean product, the quality is excellent and the manufacturing process is clean.

desc_utilization How to Use

3D stereoscopic design

3D stereoscopic design, comfortable to wear. In addition, since it does not touch the lips, the lipstick does not smudge.

Manufacturer Tight Guard
Origin Republic of Korea

1. When using the product, do not put it near igniting products
2. Do not use the mask with a tissue or towel covering the filter
3. If you have trouble breathing while wearing it, stop using it immediately.

Tight Guard is a lifestyle safety brand created for safety and hygiene in everyday life.

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