[Inje Luxury Omija] Premium Omija Tea 120ml x 5 (small packaging)

[Inje Luxury Omija] Premium Omija Tea 120ml x 5 (small packaging)

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Manufactured Environment Verified Quality Nutritions

[Inje Luxury Omija] Premium Omija Tea 

It is a product that contains omija (schisandra berry) from Inje-gun, Gangwon-do, without pigments and preservatives being used.

desc_environment Manufactured Environment

Schisandra berries from Naeseorak, Inje with the best taste and quality

Inje-gun is located in the Naeseorak highlands, which is in the middle of the range of Mountain Baekdu. The environment there, allows to produce the best quality schisandra berries in Korea. Schisandra berries are endemic to this area, and were once just a wild fruit until people began to farm them. Inje Premium Omija is a agricultural company that 13 farms and 132 schisandra artisans made. It produces a product only with selected schisandra berries with high sugar and a vibrant color/taste.

desc_quality Verified Quality

GAP certified Schisandra Berries

It is safe to eat since it has been certified as GAP (Good Agriculture Practices) in Korea. Farmed and produced on highlands 500 meters above sea level, our schisandra berries are extra firm and fleshy and preserve well.

desc_nutritional Nutritions

Well know effects of Schisandra Berries

Schisandra berries re known to prevent diseases like arteriosclerosis, diabetes, stroke and dementia, and support circulation, dental and eye health. They also help with energy and stress levels and respiratory health. According to the ancient book of medicine from Korea, it is recorded that they support health when they are weak, clear the eye, warm the kidney, and help get rid of stuffed feelings in the chest.


Manufacturer Inje Luxury Omija
Origin Gangwon-do
Ingredients Omija extract 80%, oligosaccharide

Inje Luxury Omija is located in Wontong-ri, Buk-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do. Omija is known for its high sugar content and excellent color and taste. Inje Premium Omija is an agricultural company that strives to produce high-quality Schisandra by using eco-friendly farming methods in a clean area.

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Seulgi Yun
5 Stars

완전진해서 탄산수랑 섞어먹었어요!
맛있고 건강하게 음료먹으니 일석이조네요!

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