[Seonbi Honey] Sobaeksan Chestnut Honey 2.4kg

[Seonbi Honey] Sobaeksan Chestnut Honey 2.4kg


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[Seonbi Honey] Sobaeksan Chestnut Honey 2.4kg

The best gift from nature, Seonbi honey, native chestnut honey. Premium chestnut honey collected in a traditional method handed down from ancestors. Bitter, thick, medicinal natural flower honey. Chestnut honey, which is as bitter as its dark color and has a strong taste, is good to eat raw by scooping it out with a spoon. It is better to eat it with raw horseradish, ginseng, cinnamon, and bellflower.


Manufactured Environment

A clean area located in Wolho-ri, Yeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Seonbi honey, which produces 100% domestic honey collected from the foot of Mt. Sobaek, the cleanest area in Korea, is different from the "specialized honey" collected with sugar-fed bees. It can be said that it is of the highest quality because it is collected only with domestic native flowers. Taste the best local honey recommended by the Wooltari mall with confidence.



Let's find out the effects of chestnut honey.

1. Antioxidant action virus that inhibits cell oxidation with abundant phenol content 2. Strong immunity to viruses and bacteria 3. Helps to remove waste products from the blood vessels and reduces cholesterol levels 4. Replenish energy and fatigue and help generate energy 5. Improvement of gastric ulcer, bronchial, liver function, etc.


How to Use

How to use 100% natural seonbi honey

You can mix it with tea or drinks, or add it when you need sweetness during cooking.


Verified Quality

The three major sticking points of Seonbi Honey

1. Only premium honey is produced with Scholar's insistence. It is rich in minerals and vitamins because it insists on the old-fashioned collection method.
2. He was recognized by a professional institution for his stubbornness. It received the National Andong University Industry-Academic Cooperation, the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs commendation in 2013, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry's 6th industrial workplace certification, and the 2011 Yeongju best agricultural product regional brand certification.
3. It is sent directly after strict inspection due to the scholar's insistence. In the nature of Sobaeksan, where water and air are clean, only honey with a carbon isotope ratio of -23.5% or less is released (wild flower honey is -225)

Allergy Info Honey
Manufacturer Seonbi Honey farming association corporation
Origin Yeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Ingredients natural honey/domestic 

Note: Do not feed to babies under 12 months of age. Babies do not have the enzymes to break down a component called botulinum. Heating above 70 degrees can destroy nutrients. The crystallization of honey (the phenomenon that hardens like sugar) is a natural phenomenon of honey, and it is a phenomenon that occurs because it contains more glucose than fructose, so it is not a deteriorated product.

Storage method: Store at room temperature (20 degrees)

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그리고 밤꿀을 열어 맛을 보았는데 쌉쓰름하면서 달콤하니 아주 맛있어요
확실히 여느 꿀과는 달리 감칠맛이 있는게 입맛도 도는것 같아요
이 꿀은 미국에서 보기 귀한거라 재 구매 할것 같습니다..


쌉쓰름한 맛이 꿀에서 나서 저한텐 별미였어요. 좋아요.

Seonbi Honey is located in Munsu-myeon, Yeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, and produces 100% domestic honey at the foot of Sobaeksan Mountain, a clean area.