[Sobaeksan Mountain] Achyranthes Root 120g*2 bottles
[Sobaeksan Mountain] Achyranthes Root 120g*2 bottles
[Sobaeksan Mountain] Achyranthes Root 120g*2 bottles

[Sobaeksan Mountain] Achyranthes Root 120g*2 bottles


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[Sobaeksan Mountain] Achyranthes Root 120g*2 bottles

100% natural food consisting only of 6-year-old Punggi red ginseng, achyranthes root, and domestic apples or pears. It supplements calcium and immunity, which are the most necessary for growing children, and is a safe food because it is grown and produced directly. It is good for children who have severe allergies and are unable to compensate for their effects with food.


Production and Distribution

Achyranthes root production process

Achyranthes root is grown and harvested directly from hyssop, the main raw material for mugwort. Because our children eat it, we cultivate it without spraying pesticides, and after washing the harvested hyssop, we dry it well to produce hyssop using red ginseng, apples and pears.


How to Use

How to eat Achyranthes root deliciously

Dilute with 3~4g (one teaspoon) in about 100ml of water and 2g in 70ml of warm water to get a delicious Achyranthes root drink.


Premium Ingreidents

3 promises of Achyranthes root

We use 6-year-old Achyranthes root red ginseng and locally grown apples and pears. It is color-free, sugar-free, and fragrance-free, so you can trustily consume it.

Allergy Info
Manufacturer Below Sobaeksan
Origin Yeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Ingredients Six-year-old root red ginseng (domestic) 25%, iron knee (wooseul) 25%, apple concentrate (100% domestically produced) 50%, *mixing raw material: 70% red ginseng (domestic), 30% red ginseng (domestic), and more than 80% solid content.
3.3kcal * 1 day nutrient
ratio to reference value
0.1mg sodium 1%
0.83g carbohydrate 25%
saccharides 0.49g
fat 0g 0%
transfat 0mg
0g saturated fat
0mg cholesterol 0%
1g protein 1%

Storage Method: Avoid direct sunlight and keep it in a cool place; it may change after opening, so keep the lid tightly closed.

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아이가 이걸 먹고 그런지 입맛이 돌아 밥을 잘 먹어요.

Below Sobaeksan is located in Dansan-myeon, a clean area suitable for making bugak because of the clear sunlight and wind under Sobaeksan.We make healthy traditional bugak without using additives by carefully selecting the best ingredients.