[Sunchang Moon Okrye] Marinated Radish Pickles 150g

[Sunchang Moon Okrye] Marinated Radish Pickles 150g

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Manufactured Environment Manufacturing Process Verified Quality

[Sunchang Moon Okrye] Marinated Radish Pickles 150g

Authentic Jeolla-do-style pickle made by inheriting the secret recipe of Ok-rye Moon, who was awarded ‘Korea Food Name No. 36’. It is made in the traditional way through the hands of artisans handed down for 7 generations, and is not salty or sweet.

desc_environment Manufactured Environment

Sunchang, where Jangdamgeum culture developed due to fog

Sunchang has a clear and clean natural environment and geographical characteristics of frequent fogging, making it suitable for fermentation and maturation of the intestines. Due to such a blessed climatic condition, we have kept the unique Jangdamgeum method and the taste of soy sauce differentiated from other regions.

desc_manufacture Manufacturing Process

Safe food manufactured in a hygienic environment

All products are produced under strict principles and systems in a sanitary and safe manufacturing facility based on carefully selected domestic raw materials through contract cultivation.

desc_quality Verified Quality

Food connoisseur, HACCP certification

In an environment certified by HACCP, the food safety management standard, Mun Ok-rye, who has been designated as 'Korea Food Master No. 36', receives raw materials, processes them into products, and directly manages all processes before shipment.

Allergy Info Contains soybean
Manufacturer Sunchang Moon Okrye Foods
Origin Sunchang-gun, Jeollabuk-do
Ingredients Radish 60.0% (domestic), starch syrup, red pepper powder 8.0% (domestic), red pepper leaves (domestic), glutinous rice (domestic), traditional Korean soy sauce [Korean soybean 26% {soybean (domestic) 100%], sea salt [domestic], purified water} ,Canary fish sauce (domestic), garlic (domestic), refined salt (domestic), refined sugar

Storage method: Keep refrigerated (0~10℃)

Sunchang Moon Okrye Foods contains the secret recipe of Grandmother Moon Ok-rye, who shines in 'Korea Food Name No. 36'. We strive to create the right food culture with the hands of artisans that have been passed down for 7 generations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Byung Kim
4 Stars

특별한건 없었지만 전 양념도 식감도 무난하다고 느꼈습니다. 밥반찬으로 좋아요~

lina Kim
3 Stars

제가 산 제품들중에 제일 만족도가 별로였어요. 너무 짠 것 같기도하고 ㅠ

Goheun Park
4 Stars

담백한 맛의 무말랭이 장아찌에요. 약간 짭짤하지만 괜찮은 밥반찬이예요.

seung kim
5 Stars

무말랭이는 오도독 거리는 재미로 먹는데 좀 푸석하네요 양념은 맛있어요.

Sunyoung Lee
5 Stars

유통기한 넉넉하고 한참 먹을수 있어서 좋아요. 맛있네요

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