[Rodem Food] Seoul Madam Spicy Rice Cakes 590g
[Rodem Food] Seoul Madam Spicy Rice Cakes 590g
[Rodem Food] Seoul Madam Spicy Rice Cakes 590g
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[Rodem Food] Seoul Madam Spicy Rice Cakes 590g

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How to Use Verified Quality Premium Ingreidents

[Rodem Food] Seoul Madam Spicy Rice Cakes

Tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) is a sniper for everyone's taste, and Seoul Madam's Tteokbokki allows you to enjoy the taste of premium tteokbokki that is better than franchise tteokbokki with a fuss-free preparation method.

desc_utilization How to Use

Simple and Delicious Preparation Method

1. Before cooking, rinse the rice cakes thoroughly under running water, then take them out and separate them. It is also recommended to rinse the fish cakes.

2. Put 250ml of water (2 paper cups worth), sauce, rice cakes and fish cakes into a pan and cook.

3. When it starts to boil, change to medium heat and stir to prevent them sticking to the pan.

4. According to personal preference, you can add onions or eggs as well.

desc_quality Verified Quality

HACCP Food Safety Management Certification and Thorough Metal and Foreign Substances Detection Management

Rodem Food is a food safety management certified company that has been certified by HACCP for the quality and safety of raw material production, manufacturing, processing, and distribution stages, and does its best to ensure quality and protect customer's safety with in-depth detection and management.

desc_materials Premium Ingreidents

High-quality fish cake, chewy wheat rice cake, perfect sauce

We use premium fish cakes from a Busan fish cake company, sticky wheat rice cakes that mesh perfectly with the sauce, and our self- developed seasoning sauce with a refreshing and clean taste.

Allergy Info This product is manufactured in same manufacturing facilities as products using eggs, milk, buckwheat, peanuts, mackerel, crab, shrimp, pork, peach, tomato, sulfurous acid, walnut, squid, shellfish and pine nuts. Sauce: Contains soybean, wheat, chicken, beef / Wheat rice cake: contains wheat, soybean / Oden: contains wheat, soybean
Manufacturer Rodem food
Origin Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
Ingredients Sauce: Purified water, sugar, red pepper powder (91% from China, 9% from Vietnam), starch syrup, mixed soy sauce [sun-dried salt (Australia), skim soybean (India), modified starch, seasoning complex 1 [refined salt (domestic), corn starch) (foreign), sea salt, sodium L-glutamate (flavor enhancer), glucose, complex seasoning 2 / wheat rice cake: wheat flour 98% (wheat: Australian, American), refined salt (domestic), other edible oils and fats, noodles added alkali agent ( Sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate) / fish cake: tender meat [foreign (US, China, Vietnam) / fish meat, sugar, D-sorbitol, acidity regulator], flour (Australia, US), fish meat (domestic), refined salt, carrot, Green onion, soybean oil, sauce 1, sauce 2, soy protein isolate, sugar, source 3, D-xylose, potassium sorbate (preservative), glycine, sodium polyphosphate, enzyme-treated stevia, ribonucleotide Na
1110kcal per 590g * 1 day nutrient
ratio to reference value
sodium 3380mg 169%
carbohydrate 231g 71%
saccharide 40g 40%
fat 6g 11%
0g transfat
saturated fat 0.9g 6%
25mg of cholesterol 8%
protein 34g 62%

* The ratio (%) to the daily nutritional standard is 2,000 kcal, so it may vary depending on the individual's required calories.

Note: 1. Since it has already been frozen, please do not refreeze it after thawing. 2. The green part that you see on the fish cake is a green onion, so you can eat it without concern. 3. If the product is refrigerated, it may deteriorate within the indicated expiration date.

Storage method: Refrigerator storage (1 year from the date of manufacture)

Rodem Food operates food quality control and R&D offices, and holds 25 food-related patents so far. It is a brand that produces products with the promise and belief to make customers happy with healthy food.

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