[Sungjin Wholefood] Yeongdeok Snow Crab Dashi Pack 15g x 10

[Sungjin Wholefood] Yeongdeok Snow Crab Dashi Pack 15g x 10

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Manufacturing Process How to Use Verified Quality

[Sungjin Wholefood] Yeongdeok Snow Crab Dashi Pack

Yeongdeok Snow Crab Dashi Pack is 100% natural and does not use MSG. Yeongdeok Snow Crab is packed in a tea bag with seafood and vegetables as it is. It can be used for soup dishes, and you can easily brew the broth with one tea bag.

desc_manufacture Manufacturing Process

Food manufacturing process with natural health

Sungjin Whole Foods, located in Yeongdeok, a clean area on the east coast, produces safe food on its own within the LOHAS seafood base complex, and processes products through thorough hygiene and quality control with a reliable food management system.

desc_utilization How to Use

How to properly use the Snow Crab Dashi Pack

When cooking soup for 1 serving, add one bag and 250ml~300ml of water, boil it, and then add fish sauce to enjoy a more delicious dish. It is very suitable for thick broth taste and clear broth dishes.

desc_quality Verified Quality

Proven safe food of Sungjin Whole Foods

Through HACCP and ISO22000 certifications, we are producing natural seasonings using 'Youngdeok Snow Crab'.

Allergy Info Contains crab and shrimp
Manufacturer Sungjin Whole Food Co., Ltd.
Origin Yeongdeok-gun, gyeongsangbuk-do
Ingredients Yeongdeok Snow Crab (Domestic) 10%, Anchovy (Domestic) 50%, Kelp (Domestic), Shrimp (Domestic), Bandangi (Domestic)

Storage method: If stored in direct sunlight or in a humid or hot place, the taste may change and odor may occur. For long term storage, keep in the freezer. 

Sungjin Whole Foods is located in Geumho-ri, Ganggu-myeon, Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do. Through HACCP certification and ISO22000 certification, we make trustworthy food that the whole family can eat with trust.

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