[OTTOGI] Regular Curry 100g

[OTTOGI] Regular Curry 100g


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[OTTOGI] Regular Curry

You have all heard of Ottogi Curry, right? Authentic curry with flavor and aroma, Ottogi Curry. Ottogi is directly manufactured in HACCP certified facilities and can be eaten with confidence.

Allergy Info Contains beef, wheat, tomatoes, milk, soybeans, shellfish (oyster)
Manufacturer Ottogi Co., Ltd.
Origin Anyang city of gyeonggi-do
Ingredients Flour (wheat: American / Australian), dextrin, curry powder 10.5% [Turmeric (India), coriander (Morocco), cumin, fenugreek, fennel], mixed cooking oil [palm olein oil (Malaysia), palm stearin oil ( Malaysian)], Refined Salt, Corn Flour, Complex Seasoning Food, Vegetable Cream, Onion Flavor Powder, Garlic Flavor Powder, Sugar, Modified Starch, Seasoned Seasoning Powder, Seasoned Rice Milk, Soy Sauce Flavor Powder, Yeast Extract, Fruit Sauce Powder
100kcaL * 1 day nutrient
ratio to reference value
sodium 870mg 44%
16g carbohydrates 5%
saccharides 4g 4%
3.3g fat 6%
transfat 0%
saturated fat 1.5g 10%
cholesterol0mg 0%
protein2g 4%

Storage Method: Keep in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight

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It is a representative food company in Korea that is doing its best to improve human health and dietary life with ‘better quality, better nutrition, and more advanced food’.