[Lusun Valley] When Jujube Meets Walnut 175g

[Lusun Valley] When Jujube Meets Walnut 175g

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Specifications/Capacity: 0.2 lb

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Manufactured Environment How to Use

[Lusun Valley] When Jujube Meets Walnut

This product comprised of 100% natural organic ingredients made without any additives by naturally drying jujubes. In addition, it is certified as USDA Organic, so you can trust and consume it without concern.

desc_environment Manufactured Environment

Lusun Valley Agricultural Association

It is produced by the Lusun Valley Agricultural Cooperative of CEO Junho Choi, a smart and young farmer who produces organic jujubes in Lusun Valley in Southern California.

desc_utilization How to Use

How to use when jujube meets walnut

This product is produced cleanly and safely, so it is delicious to eat as is, or you can add it to warm water and drink it as jujube tea.

Allergy Info Contains jujube, walnut
Manufacturer Lusun Valley Jujube Farming Association
Origin California, United States
Ingredients Organic jujube, walnut (sugar free, gluten free)

Lusun Valley (Choi Fruit) is a farm specializing in organic jujube production in Lusun Valley, Southern California.

Customer Reviews

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Kim Sulgi
5 Stars

제가 배송받은 제품에는 호두가 몇개 안들었어요.
대추는 바삭하고 맛있어요.

Rhee Jin
5 Stars

눅눅함이 전혀 없이 아삭아삭 맛있습니다.

울타리몰 첫 주문이라 서툴러 주문 과정에서 여러번 연락을 드렸는데 친절히 잘해결해주셔서 감사한 마음에 열심히 후기 남겨봅니다.^^

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