[Daelung] Golden Sky Headless Hwangtae-po 40~42 cm 5 servings
용대황태연합단대륭 영농조합법인

[Daelung] Golden Sky Headless Hwangtae-po 40~42 cm 5 servings

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Manufactured Environment Manufacturing Process How to Use

[Daelung] Golden Sky Headless Hwangtae-po 40~42 cm 5 servings

Yongdae-ri's Golden Sky Headless Hwangtae-po, or pollack, is completely dried for six months in a clean, natural environment without chemical additives. Although it is low in moisture, the hwangtae-po is soft and delicious.

desc_environment Manufactured Environment

Hwangtae-po from Yongdae-ri, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do

Taking in all the clear energy of Naeseorak during mid-winter, Golden Sky Hwangtae-po is a product of being frozen and thawed dozens of times. The premium hwangtae-po is produced in Yongdae-ri, Inje-gun, the northernmost dried hwangtae production site of Baekdudaegan, Korea.

desc_manufacture Manufacturing Process

Safe food manufacturing process

Our products are manufactured at modernized facilities and undergo thorough hygiene and quality control at all stages, from material processing to shipment.

desc_utilization How to Use

Ultra easy recipe for hwangtae dishes

Dried hwangtae can be enjoyed grilled, stewed, stir-fried, or in Korean salads. Be creative! You can even air-fry them for a miraculous flavor and crispy texture.

Allergy Info Dried pollack
Manufacturer Yongdaehwangtae Federation Dandaeryung Agricultural Cooperative Corporation
Origin Inje-gun, Gangwon-do
Ingredients Dried Pollack (Russia)

Storage Method: Keep in a cool place or refrigerate, avoiding direct sunlight.

Yongdaehwangtae Federation Dandaeryung Agricultural Cooperative Corporation is making 'Heavenly Dried Pollack' with the environment of Yongdae-ri, which has the clean energy of pure seorak, and the pride of the first-generation pollack craftsmen. It is a brand that produces high-quality pollack that contains the efforts and devotion of Yongdae-ri residents who say that nine months of the year are devoted to making yellow pollack.

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