[Daelung] Golden Sky Finely Sliced Hwangtae 100g
용대황태연합단대륭 영농조합법인

[Daelung] Golden Sky Finely Sliced Hwangtae 100g

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Key Point

Manufactured Environment Production and Distribution Manufacturing Process

[Daelung] Golden Sky Finely Sliced Hwangtae

Yongdae-ri's Golden Sky Finely Sliced Hwangtae, or pollack, is completely dried for six months in a clean, natural environment without chemical additives. Although it is low in moisture, the hwangtae-po is soft and delicious. Finely sliced, this product is perfect to grill, steam, boil, stir-fry, or use in soups or Korean salads.

desc_environment Manufactured Environment

Finely Sliced Hwangtae from Yongdae-ri, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do

Taking in all the clear energy of Naeseorak during mid-winter, Golden Sky Finely Sliced Hwangtae is a product of being frozen and thawed dozens of times. The premium finely sliced hwangtae is produced in Yongdae-ri, Inje-gun, the northernmost dried hwangtae production site of Baekdudaegan, Korea.

desc_distribution Production and Distribution

Finely Sliced Hwangtae, made at the 'Legendary Deokjang' Jinbu-ryeong Deokjang.

'Hwangtae from the skys' is produced in Korea's Jinbu-ryeong Deokjang, a legendary deokjang, racks used to dry fish surrounded by nature, that takes pride in Yongdae-ri's history. The Golden Hwangtae Sticks are made through the hands of Choi Ki-chul, a dried pollack craftsman of 60 years.

desc_manufacture Manufacturing Process

Safe food manufacturing process

Our products are manufactured at modernized facilities and undergo thorough hygiene and quality control at all stages, from material processing to shipment.

Allergy Info Dried pollack
Manufacturer Yongdaehwangtae Federation Dandaeryung Agricultural Cooperative Corporation
Origin Inje-gun, Gangwon-do
Ingredients Dried Pollack (Russia)

Storage Method: Keep in a cool place or refrigerate, avoiding direct sunlight.

Yongdaehwangtae Federation Dandaeryung Agricultural Cooperative Corporation is making 'Heavenly Dried Pollack' with the environment of Yongdae-ri, which has the clean energy of pure seorak, and the pride of the first-generation pollack craftsmen. It is a brand that produces high-quality pollack that contains the efforts and devotion of Yongdae-ri residents who say that nine months of the year are devoted to making yellow pollack.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Janghee Shin
4 Stars

국 끓였는데 워낙 실채라 아이들도
잘 먹고 야글야들 부드러워서 좋아요
다만 너무 긴 머리카락이 실채에 감겨있어서
진짜 깜짝 놀랐어요
근데 이건 울타리몰 잘못이 아니니까요 ㅠㅠ

Rosa Lee
5 Stars

황태실채가 아주 가늘고 가시도 하나 없이 깨끗하게 손질되어 있어 요리하기 쉽고 아이들에게 가시 걱정없이 영양 반찬을 편하게 먹일 수 있어요. 비싼 만큼 좋은 품질입니다.

jadie son
5 Stars

추천드려요.처음으로 실채를 사봤는데 손질이 완벽히 되어있네요.
최상급 황태..먹기너무편해요

Kim Jenny
5 Stars

아이들과 같이 먹기위해 실채로 구입해서 황태국을 끓였어요... 부드럽고 맛있고 무엇보다 영양만점이라 만족합니다

Kim Jenny
5 Stars

시원한 황태국을 끓이기위해 찾다 아이들도 같이먹기 너무 좋을듯해서 구입후 대만족입니다

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