[Jeju Mulmaru Soybean School] Tangerine Red Pepper Paste 250g

[Jeju Mulmaru Soybean School] Tangerine Red Pepper Paste 250g


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[Jeju Mulmaru Soybean School] Tangerine Red Pepper Paste 250g

It is carefully marinated with domestic soybeans in the traditional way in Jeju. It is a sweet and sour tangerine red pepper paste made with sweet and sour Jeju tangerines and spicy taeyangcho pepper.


Manufacturing Process

Systematic manufacturing process of red pepper paste

We prepare ingredients from high-quality raw materials. Wash glutinous rice thoroughly and soak in water for 6-7 hours. Pour hot water for malt and soak for 4-6 hours, then filter through a fine sieve. Add glutinous rice flour and citrus juice and ferment for about 4 hours, then put on medium heat and cook for 8 hours while stirring so as not to burn. When it cools down, add red pepper powder, soybean powder, and salt, mix well, and add red pepper paste. When the red pepper paste is complete, put it in a clean sterilized jar and let it mature for about 5 months.



Representative ingredient of spicy Korean food, gochujang

Gochujang, a representative food of Koreans since ancient times, contains a lot of vitamin A to restore eyesight, and to promote digestion due to its protease component.


Verified Quality

Providing safe food through various certifications

LOHAS Excellent Product Certification (a system that certifies products, services, spaces, etc. of companies and organizations that are eco-friendly and puts social contribution as the top priority), social enterprise certificate, commendation from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (Strict quality control and thorough and excellent post-production) management) and certified organic processed food.

Allergy Info
Manufacturer Jeju Mulmaru Soybean School
Origin Jeju-do
Ingredients 100% (red pepper powder 25%, glutinous rice flour 20%, citrus enzyme 17%, soybean flour 13%, salt 13%, malt 12%)

Storage Method: Refrigerator storage 

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전엔 맥고추장을 사먹었는데 이 감귤고추장 너무 맛있어요. 다만 병이 너무 작아서 큰 사이즈로 구입하고 싶습니다.


품질좋은 고추장인데 양이 좀 작은 편이라 그 점만 빼고는 만족합니다.

고객님의 소중한 후기 감사합니다
300 포인트 적립해 드리겠습니다


품질이 좋긴 참 좋은데 양이 정말 작아요.

품질 좋은 [제주물마루된장학교] 감귤고추장 250g
양이 적으시다고요 .. 리뷰글 감사드리며 300포인트 적립해 드립니다.

Jeju Mulmaru Soybean School, located in Hallim-eup, Jeju-si, researches and develops fermented food, and operates related experiential education programs. It is a good social enterprise that takes the lead in practicing good food.