[Chamsem Farming] Melon jam without sugar 300g

[Chamsem Farming] Melon jam without sugar 300g


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[Chamsem Farming] Melon jam without sugar 300g

Feel the sweet flesh of a Korean melon without a sugar. The jam is made with freshly harvested melon from Seongju. Soft skin and pulp of the melon are added to make the better texture.


Manufactured Environment

Chamsem Farming in Seongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Farmers directly harvest melon and produce the products from Seongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, the largest production area of melon in Korea. Among the melons that are considered one of the representative fruits of summer, melons from Seongju are known to have the coolest and sweetest taste.



The effects of refreshing and sweet Korean melon

Korean melons are rich in dietary fiber, highly moisturized, and low in calories, making it good for diet and skin beauty. Folic acid levels are also high, which is know to support the health of pregnant women and fetuses.


How to Use

Recipe: Korean Melon Sandwich

Toast two pieces of bread with a little bit of butter. Spread the melon jam generously on one side and mustard on the other. Top with lettuce, tomato, ham, and cheese, Also add Korean melon pickles for an even more flavorful sandwich!

Allergy Info. This product is manufactured in the same manufacturing facility as products using tomatoes, chicken and pork.
Manufacturer Chamsem Farming Association
Origin seongju-gun, gyeongsangbuk-do
Ingredients Melon 54.2% (domestic), oligosaccharide, pectin, vinegar
26kcal per 15g * 1 day nutrient
ratio to reference value
0mg sodium 0%
6g carbohydrate 2%
2g saccharides 1%
fat 0g 0%
0g transfat
0g saturated fat 0%
0mg cholesterol 0%
protein 0g 0%

* The ratio (%) to the daily nutritional standard is 2,000 kcal, so it may vary depending on the individual's required calories.

Storage Method: Room temperature and refrigeration storage

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많이 달지 않은 참외맛의 잼인데 호불호가 갈릴수도 있는 맛입니다. 계속 먹다보면 참외맛에 익숙해질듯 합니다. 건강한 맛.

많이 달지 않은 참외맛
단음식을 좋아 하시는 분들은 즐기시지 않을 수 있는 상품이시라고요
리뷰글 감사드리며 300포인트 적립해 드립니다.


설탕이 들어가있지 않다고 해서 샀는데 sugars 4.7g 중에 Includes added sugar 2.55g 입니다. 참고하세요.

Chamsem Agricultural Association is located in Seongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, the largest melon producing region in Korea. We deliver freshly harvested melons, a seasonal fruit, so that you can enjoy them all year round.