[Cheongsol Food] Ingredients for Boiling Meat 50g x 2 packs

[Cheongsol Food] Ingredients for Boiling Meat 50g x 2 packs


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[Cheongsol Food] Ingredients for Boiling Meat 50g x 2 packs 

It is a product that can be used as an ingredient for Korean boiled meat or used in various ways such as in ginseng chicken soup or meat dishes. It is made with convenient and hygienic natural pulp tea bags, making it easier and more delicious to cook.



Rejuvenate, strengthen immunity, and prevent liver disease

It is rich in nutrients that help our health, such as rejuvenation, immunity enhancement, liver disease prevention, and anticancer effects by adding various herbal medicines that are good for our body.


How to Use

Easy Delicious Cooking

Use it when cooking Korean boiled pork, various kinds of meat, or a chicken soup to eliminate the odor and soften the texture of the meat. It is convenient to use since it is in the form of a tea bag.


Premium Ingreidents

Carefully Selected Korean Herbal Medicines

Tea bags for beef meat are carefully selected from domestic wild mulberry trees, quince trees, mulberry trees, angelica trees, and cheongung trees, and put into natural pulp tea bags.

Manufacturer Cheongsol Food
Origin Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
Ingredients Wild mulberry 35% (domestic), mulberry 35% (domestic), mulberry 15% (domestic), angelica 5% (domestic), cheongung 1% (domestic), cinnamon 5% (Vietnam), licorice 4% (Russia)

Storage Method: Storage in a dry place away from direct sunlight (refrigerate in summer)

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Cheongsol Foods is a company that packages and sells oriental herbal supplements that help promote health.