[Cheongjeongwon] Organic Green Tea Korean Noodles 400g
[Cheongjeongwon] Organic Green Tea Korean Noodles 400g
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[Cheongjeongwon] Organic Green Tea Korean Noodles 400g

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Manufactured Environment How to Use Verified Quality

[Cheongjeongwon] Organic Green Tea Korean Noodles 400g

We use only organic ingredients that have undergone a rigorous certification process. It is a fully aged noodle that can be conveniently used thanks to its single serving bundles.  

desc_environment Manufactured Environment

Green tea powder grown in Boseong, famous for green tea in Korea.

It is chewy and soft by mixing Boseong green tea powder with organic flour made from wheat grown in a natural environment. Flour is also organic, which makes it even more trustable for consumption.

desc_utilization How to Use

Delicious Noodle Recipe with Organic Green Tea Korean noodles (1 serving)

1. Pour 4 cups of water (800 cc) into a pot and when it starts to boil, spread the noodles in a fan shape over medium heat and boil them for 3 minutes.

2. When it starts to boil, add 1/3 cup (around 70cc) of cold water and boil for 1 minute more.

3. Rinse the boiled noodles thoroughly in cold water, drain them through a sieve, and place them in a bowl. </ㅔ>

4. Pour the prepared broth over the boiled noodles and enjoy according to your taste.

It is even better if you eat it together after adding various vegetables or kimchi. (egg pancakes, pumpkin greens, seaweed)

Depending on your taste, you can enjoy a variety of noodles, such as banquet noodles, mixed noodles, warm noodles, bean noodles, and radish water kimchi broth noodles.

desc_quality Verified Quality

Highest quality noodles.

Fully aged noodles, the noodles are smooth, thin, and soft, and the more you chew, the deeper the flavor. As the thickness of the noodles is constant, they do not clump when boiled, and retain their original chewy taste for a long time after cooking.

Manufacturer Cheongjeongwon
Origin Republic of Korea
Ingredients Organic raw material content 96.9 Water excluding salt) Organic wheat flour 94 Turkish 70 Canadian 30 ) Refined salt domestic) Boseong green tea powder domestic) 2 Spinach powder domestically)
355kcal per 100g * 1 day nutrient
ratio to reference value
sodium 880mg 44%
73g carbohydrate 22%
saccharides 3g
1.5g fat 3%
0g transfat
0.5g saturated fat 3%
0mg cholesterol 0%
protein 12g 22%

* The ratio (%) to the daily nutritional standard is 2,000 kcal, so it may vary depending on the individual's required calories.

Storage Method: Room temperature storage

Cheongjeongwon proposes a new food style so that everyone can easily enjoy delicious and healthy food with food know-how accumulated over a long period of time.

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