[Kidzmaru] Hydro Dutch Coffee Gift Set Yirgacheffe 30ml*40

[Kidzmaru] Hydro Dutch Coffee Gift Set Yirgacheffe 30ml*40


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[Kidzmaru] Hydro Dutch Coffee Gift Set Yirgacheffe 30ml*40

It is made by properly mixing only high-quality coffee beans with natural bedrock water treated with triple filter and UV sterilization. It has a sweet taste and unique acidity, and is an attractive product with floral and berry fruit flavors.


Manufacturing Process

Dutch coffee production process

It prevents oxidation by extracting for a short time and insists on clean, thick, and refreshing coffee by filtering the coffee grounds with 1200 mesh filtering. Produces fresh coffee that is safe and does not lose its aroma through the cold brewing system.


How to Use

How to use Hydro Dutch Coffee

ased on 30ml of Hydro Dutch, you can add 120ml of hot water and add Dutch Americano or 120ml of milk to make a Dutch Latte. You can also add 360 ml of cider and enjoy as a Dutch ade.


Premium Ingreidents

Natural bedrock water and premium coffee beans

It is made by directly importing only natural bedrock water that has undergone triple filter and UV sterilization and fresh high-quality coffee beans. You can feel the fresh and clean taste and the rich aroma of coffee beans.

Manufacturer Kidzmaru
Origin Seongju-gun, gyeongsangbuk-do
Ingredients Coffee extract: 100% Ethiopia Bean

Storage Method: Refrigerator storage

Customer Reviews

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Hot & Ice... 어떻게 먹어도 다 맛있어요. 먹기도 너무 간편해서 손님들 오셨을 때 빠르게 내어 놓기도 좋고요. 이전에는 스타벅스 K-Cup을 사용했었는데, 이제는 더 싸고 더 맛있는 키즈마루 커피로 바꿨습니다.


인스턴트 커피만 탈 줄 아는 저도 남편에게 에디오피아 예가체프 커피 한 잔을 타줄 수 있게 됐네요. 간편해서 좋아요.

원두를 갈고 물의 온도를 측정하고, 뜨거운 물을 천천히 커피가루 위에 부으면서,봉긋한 봉우리가 올라오기를 기다리는 남편은 예가체프 커피를 무척이나 사랑? 해요.
첫 잔은 싱겁다 해서
두번 째 잔도 싱겁다 하고
드디어 예가체프 맛과 향이 난다고 하네요. 물의 양을 90ml에… 타고나니.

구매와 후기 감사드리며 100 포인트 적립해 드리겠습니다

Kidzmaru is a premium Dutch coffee manufacturing brand that strives to make the premium fruit of each country taste better until it enters the coffee cup.