[GgotJeotgal] Anchovy Sauce 900ml

[GgotJeotgal] Anchovy Sauce 900ml

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Manufactured Environment Production and Distribution Manufacturing Process

[GgotJeotgal] Anchovy Sauce

With one spoon of this anchovy sauce, a boast of miraculous flavor is magically added to any dish that feels like it's missing a little something. The clear, fine wine-colored anchovy sauce is a product refined with low-temperature matured anchovy yukjeot, adding flavor to not only kimchi but also all kinds of Korean vegetable side dishes.

desc_environment Manufactured Environment

Crab and Anchovy Sauce of Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province

Surrounded by pine trees on all three sides with little noise, this perfect environment helps the salted seafood mature well. When spring comes around, pine powder from the surrounding trees permeate finely into the aged clay jars and act as a natural preservative allowing the sauce to become natural seasoning.

desc_distribution Production and Distribution

New Advanced Facilities with HACCP Certification

The fusion of Korean traditional methods and modern facilities created innovative and advanced HACCP-certified facilities that specialize in low-temperature sanitation manufacturing methods that ensure minimal nutrient destruction.

desc_manufacture Manufacturing Process

Safe Food Production Process

As hygiene is most important, hand washing, shoe and clothing disinfection is required to enter the ripening room to maintain cleanliness. Additionally, the production process minimizes nutrient destruction by sterilizing all produce at low temperatures without direct heat.

Allergy Info None
Manufacturer GgotJeotgal
Origin Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Ingredients Raw anchovy (domestic) 80%, sea salt (domestic) 20%
44kcal per 100ml * 1 day nutrient
ratio to reference value
sodium 4102mg 205%
2g carbohydrate 1%
saccharide 0g
fat 0g 0%
0g transfat
0g saturated fat
0mg cholesterol 0%
protein 9g

*The ratio (%) to the 1-day nutritional standard is based on 2,000 kcal, so it may vary depending on the individual's required calories.

Storage Method: After use, close the lid tightly and store in a refrigerator or cool place.

GgotJeotgal is a company specializing in manufacturing salted fish that has inherited and developed fresh raw materials from the East Sea with traditional Korean methods and modern sensibility. The taste and flavor of the fish sauce and beef sauce of GgotJeotgal salted fish is made with a traditional manufacturing method that has been passed down two generations for 30 years in a state-of-the-art hygienic HACCP facility.

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5 Stars

평소에 액젓을 많이 사용하여 구입하게 되었습니다.
구입하여 사용해 보았는데 감칠맛이 매우 좋네요.
두루두루 여러음식에 사용해도 아주 좋을 것 같습니다.
무엇보다 좋은 재료로 정성껏 만들어진 것 같아 매우 만족합니다.

4 Stars

가격이 좀 있어서 고민했는데 사길 잘했어요. 파김치 오이김치 만들어 먹었는데 감칠맛 좋고 잘 산 것 같아요.
다만 매우 아쉬운 점은 유통기한이 7개월도 얼마 안남은 것을 보내주셨더라고요ㅠㅠ 명시해주셨으면 합니다... 고추장 된장은 올 12월까지면 기간 명시되고 세일했었는데...

5 Stars

멸치액젓을 요리에 많이 사용 하는 편이라서 가격 상관없이 늘 좋은 상품을 찾고 있었어요. 배달 오자마자 계란말이에 멸치액젓으로만 간을 맞추고 했는데 평소 계란 말이를 안좋아하던 아이도 어느새 다 먹었더라구요. 앞으로 김치 만들때 여러가지 국 끓일때 사용 할 생각하니 마음이 든든합니다.

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