[Korea Mackurum] Tteokbokki Sauce 300g


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[Korea Mackurum] Tteokbokki Sauce 

Cook master's naturally fermented Mac gochujang-based tteokbokki sauce. It's a simple sweet and mildly spicy sauce to make the perfect tteokbokki with a golden ratio recipe.


Manufacturing Process

Traditional Food Master No. 45 Myeongrye Master

Korea Mackurum, which has been fermented with our ingredients in the clear water and air at the foot of Juwangsan Mountain in Gyeongsangbuk-do, is a deep-tasting sauce that is naturally aged for more than 12 months in thousands of aged Jangdok with the traditional fermentation technology of food master Myung-rye Sung.


How to Use

A magical sauce that transforms into delicious tteokbokki.

Just by switching to Korea Mackurum Tteokbokki Sauce, the original tteokbokki recipe transforms to deliver a richer tteokbokki taste with original Korean flavors.


Premium Ingreidents

Mackurum's traditional fermented paste

Korea Mackurum's traditional fermented paste is the base of this seasoning sauce which delivers deep and rich flavors as it is made with fresh ingredients and undergoes long maturing periods in aged clay jars. Miraculous flavors are packed into one bottle, making it easy for you to make luxurious Korean dishes.

Allergy Info Contains soybean
Manufacturer Korea Mackurum
Origin Cheongsong-gun, gyeongsangbuk-do
Ingredients Sauce {white sugar, purified water, starch syrup, red pepper powder (domestic production), tomato ketchup [tomato paste (foreign/USA, Chile, China, etc.), purified water, starch syrup, sugar, vinegar, refined salt], ground garlic}, red pepper paste [red pepper powder ( Domestic), glutinous rice (domestic), soybean powder, rice seasoning, sea salt], purified water, Korean soy sauce {purified water, Korean soybean (soybean (domestic)], sea salt (domestic)}

Storage Method: Refrigerate after opening

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떡볶이 1-2인분에 반병정도 쓰고 물 좀넣으니 딱 좋아요. 간편하고 너무 맵지않아서 좋아요! 맛있어욥

저희 울타리몰을 이용해주셔서 감사합니다.
간편하게 물과섞어 만들어먹기 좋은 떡볶이 소스 맛있게 즐기셨다니 좋습니다^^


떡볶이 양념 처음사봤어요.
두번 해먹었는데 맛있었어요. 급할때 잘 쓰여서 또 구매할거예요.

울타리몰을 이용해 주셔서 감사합니다.
리뷰 감사드리며 300 포인트 적립해 드리겠습니다.


재료명에 다 국산인데 토마토페이스트가 중국,미국 칠레산 이라는게 아쉬워서 살까말까 고민중에 케이팝을 좋아하는 이웃 틴에이저들에게 떡볶이를 해준다고 큰소리쳤는데 자신없어 한번구입해봤어요. 옆집에 배달한지 한시간도 안되어서 다먹었다고 문자 받았습니다. 많이맵지않고 자극적이거나 독특한 감칠맛보다는 건강한맛으로 나름 맛있어요. 이거 하나로 떡볶이 라볶이를 휘리릭 완성할수 있어 좋아요.

떡볶이 소스를 맛있게 드시고 사진 올려주신 고객님 감사합니다.
포인트 드립니다.

Korea Mackurum was created in 1989 with the precious meaning of 'a package that wants to continue the tradition'. In the clean water and air of Cheongsong, Gyeongsangbuk-do, we are creating a luxury store with our long-standing know-how.