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[Hannah Pad] One Week Set of Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads (Pantyliner3+3Medium+3Overnight))

[Hannah Pad] One Week Set of Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads (Pantyliner3+3Medium+3Overnight))

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Production and Distribution Verified Quality Premium Ingreidents

[Hannah Pad] One Week Set of Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads (Pantyliner3+3Medium+3Overnight))

Hannah Pad is an organic pure cotton multi-use cotton sanitary napkin. It is an economical, multi-use product that can be selected according to the quantity in 8 different sizes. The weekly set consists only of items that are frequently used and favored.

desc_distribution Production and Distribution

The production process of safe Hannah pad harmless to human body

Based on 12 years of experience and know-how, we manufacture and distribute Hanna pads. We produce safer and more reliable products with excellent domestic sewing and process technology.

desc_quality Verified Quality

International standard organic certification, derma test top grade

It is more reliable with the organic certification of OCS100 international standard. In addition, it has passed the highest grade derma test for skin hypoallergenicity.

desc_materials Premium Ingreidents

Hannah pad using the finest materials

Hanna All Coat, developed by our own technology, uses the highest quality material that absorbs pure cotton. Polymer absorbent paper, which is generally used a lot, is not used. Polymer absorbent paper is a synthetic material that helps rapid absorption with SAP, and microplastics are discharged when discarded.


Manufacturer Daehan Bio Farm
Origin Korea

Hannah Pad is a comprehensive sanitary product brand that shines first in the brand reputation of cotton sanitary napkins and has accumulated sales of 6.5 million pads. Hanna is a global company that considers health and the environment, produces legal raw materials that have been certified by international organizations, and exports them to many countries around the world.

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