Sulraedam Spicy Crab Jeotagl 400g (80gx5ea)

Sulraedam Spicy Crab Jeotagl 400g (80gx5ea)


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[Goremi] Salted Japanese ghost crab 400g (80GX5EA)

 Salted Japanese ghost crab is whole! Spicy flavor is full of rich taste!
  It is a crab that adds a special seasoning with a sweet flavor. It is seasoned deliciously with ingredients such as red pepper powder and anchovy sauce. After thawing, use it as a side dish or sauce to fill the table. 

Production and Distribution

Delicious Salted Japanese ghost crab

 The crab is a small crab that is less than 4cm, and the skin is soft and tastes.
 This product can be grounded in the whole shell to make it spicy and rich with red pepper powder, so you can enjoy rice as well as various meat sauce.

Manufacturing Process

Easy and hygienic packaging!

 You can easily take out the 80g capacity, which is easy to eat at once, and you can defrost it in cold water.

How to Use

Fresh and savory spicy tastes!

You will experience the magic where a rice in bowl quickly disappears.
 In addition, if you take the grilled pork belly, you can enjoy the rich flavor of the ssamjang.

Verified Quality

A series of Seolreadam that enjoy excitingly enjoying interesting!

Goremi Sulrae Dam series is a product that is easy to eat at home by cooking products known as sushi, fried, side dishes, and snacks in sushi restaurants, izakaya, and pubs that can be easily seen in Korea. All of the products of Goremi are made by processing strictly selected raw materials in reliable HACCP certification facilities.

California Proposition 65

warning WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Goremi is always challenging for new flavors!

Since its establishment in 2012 based on its own korean technology, Goremi Co., Ltd. has been a professional and comprehensive food company specializing in advanced fisheries processing in Korea, striving to ensure that everyone can enjoy a delicious and happy food culture.

 We will continue to strive and devote ourselves to find new menus and new flavors that were difficult to find in the country.s

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생각보다 많이 매워요 맛은있는데 이걸 어떻게 써야 더 맛있을지 아직 연구중이에요 밥에 비벼먹는것보단 국물요리나 볶을때등 요리할때 쓰는 용도로 좋을거같아요


짭짤 하니 밥에 비벼서 김가루 계란 참기름 뿌려 먹음 맛있어요


고추가루 넣고 참기름과 깨뿌려 밥에 비벼먹었어요. 맛있어요 냄새도 나쁘지않구요. 입맛없을때 딱일거같아요. 추천합니다.


소분되어 포장되어 편해요~ 두루두루 양념에 쓰고있어요~


넘넘 맛있는 밥도둑ㅡㅡㅡ


먹어보고 싶었던 칠게..먹을수 있어서 정말 아껴먹고 있습니다


많이 짜지 않고 깔끔하게 맛있어요. 정말 밥도둑이예요. 아기가 너무 좋아해서 냉동고에 쟁여두는 상품중에 하나입니다.

매콤 칠게젓 정말 밥도둑입니다
고향에 맛으로 좋아하십니다


이거 진짜 별미예요! 한국에서도 칠게젓을 많이 먹어봤는데 그때 먹었던 맛과 비교해도 흠잘을데 없네요. 감칠맛이 자꾸 밥을 땡기네요. 삼겹살에 찍어서 먹어도 기가 막힐것 같아요. 당연히 재구매할겁니다.

중복된 아이템입니다


설명대로 밥에 버터넣고 칠게젓 넣어 비벼서 먹으니 정말 별미네요 강추!

설래담에 매콤 칠게젓을 강추하신 리뷰에 감사하여 300포인트를 드립니다


기대보단 별로예요. 게향은 약하고 게껍질이 갈았다고는 하지만 좀 씹혀서 이가 약한 분들은 피하셔야 할거 같아요. 밥 비벼먹기에도 많이 짜서 쌈장으로 사용할 예정입니다