Mozzarella Cheese Hot Dog (70g x 5ea)
Mozzarella Cheese Hot Dog (70g x 5ea)

Mozzarella Cheese Hot Dog (70g x 5ea)


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[Okdu Food] Mozzarella Cheese Hot Dog (70g x 5ea)

The harmony of chewy mozzarella cheese and sausage made of fish!
Bake for 12 minutes in the Airfryer, to enjoy much more delicious hot dogs. 

❉ It is produced as an export - only product, and the actual size of the hot dog is smaller than the picture.

Manufactured Environment

It is made by a 30 - year - old hot dog company!

 Okdu Foods produces a number of hot dogs and powder products (25 types), including Twist Hot Dog, the topic of Jangan.
 Based on the trust and stability of products due to self -manufacturing ability, we are developing more delicious and healthy products through HACCP facilities and our own research institutes.

Production and Distribution

The deadly harmony between chewy mozzarella cheese and fish sausage!

 The chewy mozzarella cheese adds the texture and taste. The upper part contains a gently stretching mozzarella cheese, and at the bottom, it is made of fresh fish and contains tangle and light sausages. It's not big, so it's easy to enjoy as a snack and you need to eat it neatly because you need to fry in oil.

Manufacturing Process

Produced safely in the best sanitary facilities!

 It is safely produced through fresh ingredients and the latest sanitary facilities (HACCP).
 Okdu Foods has a number of patents related to hot dog manufacturing through accumulated production know -how and various certifications, and is also selected as an excellent export company in Gangwon -do.

California Proposition 65

warning WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

manufacturing company Okdu Food
Producer Hoengseong - gun, Gangwon -do
Main raw material Flour (US)
Mozzarella cheese (US)
Fish meat (Oyangsan)
Storage Frozen

 Since its establishment in 1992, it is a comprehensive food company that operates businesses such as food manufacturing, food distribution, and logistics agency, and supplies goods to highway rest areas, large amusement parks, and school meals.

 We are equipped with HACCP certification production facilities with the idea of ​​creating abundant and diverse food culture that contains honesty. In order to produce safe food, we are trying to manage quality, and we are trying to create various food culture through continuous research and development.

 In addition, we are working with customers through the franchise business, and we will make efforts to grow into a global comprehensive food company that can move beyond Korea through Hong Kong. We ask for your unchanging encouragement and support.

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