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[Our wheat food] 440g of rice cold noodles over flowers

Using 100%of domestic materials, If you want to have a sour and sour and cool cold noodle, I recommend water cold noodles over flowers. It is composed of broth made of chewy noodles made of flour, rice flour and buckwheat flour, fermented vinegar, and soy sauce. If you boil only noodles, you can easily complete the delicious water cold noodles. Fill the ice and fill it with coolness to the end. If you raise various ingredients such as cucumbers, pears, and boiled eggs, you can enjoy cold noodles with richer flavors.

Production and Distribution

The noodles that were patented!

Try chewy noodles with patented low-temperature aging.

It is made of Korean wheat and Korean rice, so it is healthier and safer.

Manufacturing Process

It is produced through the latest hygienic and safe production facilities!

 All products are produced through the latest strict and hygienic HACCP production facility line.
It leads the food industry with high quality and taste.

How to Use

A simple way to cook!

1. Boil 800ml of water in a pot.

2. Put the noodles in a boiling pot, stir slowly, and boil for about 1 minute and 30 seconds.

3. When the noodles are cooked, take them out, rinse them in cold water, and drain them.

4. Add 300ml of water to the broth and dilute it to prepare.

5. Put well-boiled noodles in a bowl and pour the broth to complete the cool and chewy cold noodles.

6. Try it with various ingredients such as cucumbers, pears, boiled eggs, and mustard, depending on your preference.
You will be able to enjoy a richer taste.

California Proposition 65

warning WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

 Twenty years ago, meaningful miorities such as farmers and urban consumers gathered and expanded to 15,000ha of rice paddies nationwide. The principle of Our Mill Food has been observed for the past 20 years has been to prepare for the upcoming national food crisis and to make a healthy table.

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