Red pepper powder (Kimchi, Mild) 500g


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[Yeong Yang Red Pepper Trade Corporation] Red pepper powder (Kimchi, Mild) 500g

It is the world's best red pepper powder, Gyeongbuk nutrition. The spicy food is mild, and it is a good product for kimchi, kimchi, soup, and soup.

Manufactured Environment

Optimized for the cultivation and processing of excellent red peppers

It is produced by the Yeongyang Red Pepper Distribution Corporation, a local public corporation established as a regional specialized project by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Among the peppers contracted and grown at 800 production farms in Yeongyang-gun, excellent varieties are purchased and processed into dried peppers through state-of-the-art drying methods.

Production and Distribution

The largest state-of-the-art pepper production facility

As the largest red pepper processing facility in Asia with international standards (ASTA Color, acidity, total bacteria count), it produces 2,500 tons of red pepper powder per year.

Manufacturing Process

The process that keeps the natural nutrients

By being manufactured through a large-scale, high-tech processing facility, it is clean, safe, and has its own natural nutrients alive. Particularly through low-temperature and short-term drying with a high-efficiency dryer, natural colors and nutrients are preserved, and residual pesticides and fungi are clearly removed.

Premium Ingreidents

World's highest quality, Yeongyang-goon red pepper

Not only does it has a spicy taste, but also a mild sweet taste. The flavor is soft and the color is rich, bringing out the color of a cuisine. Because it is easily storaged, foods made with it (ex-kimchi, etc.,) do not easily become brittle or over ripe.

California Proposition 65

warning WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Allergy Info Contains red pepper
Manufacturer Yeong Yang Red Pepper Trade Corporation
Origin Yeongyang-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Ingredients 100% domestic nutritious red pepper

Yeong Yang Red Pepper Trade Corporation is producing products by carefully selecting and purchasing only high-quality red peppers through contract cultivation with farms in Yeongyang-gun, a clean area. HACCP-certified large-scale processing facilities are used to safely produce and supply products to satisfy consumers.

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미국에서 품질좋은 한국산 고춧가루 구입할 수 있어서 정말 좋아요.


순한맛 고춧가루는 처음 주문했는데 이것도 고춧가루에요 매워요! 햇고추라고 해서인지 맛있어요.


늘 사용하는 고춧가루에요 건고추랑 같이 샀는데 둘다 깨끗해요 건고추는 첨 사봤는데 봉투가 엄청 커서 놀랐네요^^ 한참 쓰겠어요


항상먹던거라 주문합니다


신선하고 좋아요.


고추장 안들어간 오직 빛깔찬 고춧가루로만 맛과 색을 낸 해물떡볶이^^ 은은한 단맛도 너무 좋고 이번엔 고춧가루가 특히 더 향긋해요


빛깔찬고춧가루 백을 열자마자 풍기는 신선하고 향긋한 고춧가루 향이 달콤하더라고요 좋은 고춧가루는 색이 선명하게 예쁘고 달큰한향도 올라와요..^^ 너무 맛있는 김치 담궜어요!


빛깔찬고춧가루 백을 열자마자 풍기는 신선하고 향긋한 고춧가루 향이 달콤하더라고요 좋은 고춧가루는 색이 선명하게 예쁘고 달큰한향도 올라와요..^^ 너무 맛있는 김치 담궜어요!


실수로 유통기한 임박한 걸 오더했네요. 빨리 먹어야겠어요. 맛은 한국 거라 좋나요.


햇고추로 만들었다고 하여 믿고 구매했습니다.