Jeju Red Bean Omegi Rice Cake 70g x 6


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[Big Happiness] Jeju Omegi Tteok

Jeju Bean Omegi Tteok uses only raw materials grown in Jeju's nature and raw materials and makes it handwritten. Every time you chew the bumpy bumpy beans, the sweetness of the red beans and the sweetness of the red bean sediment and the mugwort aroma are captivated by the taste of many people.

Manufactured Environment

Hwangsapyeong, Jeju City, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

It is made healthy with Jeju agricultural products and domestic agricultural products such as young mugwort, sweet pumpkin, and Udo peanuts grown in the sea breeze in Jeju.

How to Use

How to enjoy Great Happiness

Enjoy it with coffee or milk as a light breakfast replacement or as a healthy snack for children. Depending on the season, first defrost for 1 to 3 hours and then reheat in an air fryer or oven at 80-200 degrees for 2 to 3 minutes or heat in a microwave for about 20 to 30 seconds. You can eat it like a freshly baked rice cake.

Premium Ingreidents

Use of reliable and high-quality domestic materials

Since it is made with ingredients directly grown in Jeju Island and in Korea, you can eat it with confidence. Healthy, high-quality ingredients that are not overly sweet are used.

California Proposition 65

warning WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Allergy Info The product is manufactured in the same manufacturing facilities as that of soybean, peanut, flour.
Manufacturer Great Happiness
Origin Jeju City
Ingredients Glutinous rice 30.08% (domestic), red bean 29.3% (domestic), starch 28.6% (red bean 54.5% (domestic), white sugar 45%, sea salt 0.5% (domestic), wormwood 7.2% (Jeju), millet 3% (Jeju), sea salt 0.6% (domestic), white sugar 0.5%

Storage method: - freezing storage below 18 ℃
Note: it has been frozen, please do not thaw it before freezing.

We make omegi rice cakes and sweet and happy desserts that are properly made in HACCP certified facilities using only healthy Jeju agricultural products of mugwort, pumpkin and peanuts and domestic ingredients.

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울타리에서 사먹은 떡중에서 개인적으로 제일 좋았습니다. 달지 않고 은은하게 도는 쑥향이 참 좋았어요. 비싼값하네요 ㅎㅎ


가입하고 첫번째 오더때 주문한떡 맛보시고 시어머님께서 너무 만족하셔서 다른종류로 오더해봤어요..
낱개포장이라 너무 좋아요 먹을만큼만 냉장고에서 하루 해동시키면 말랑말랑 정말로 쫀득한맛!!!!
한국에서도 맛보기힘든 미국에서는 더더욱 생소한 떡까지 먹을수있어서 넘행복합니다.. 선물로도 그만이구요.. 집안에 앉아서 받아볼수있어 더더 감동이에요~~ 고급진 포장덕분에 손님상에 디저트랑 나가도 너무 예쁘구요~ 보시는분마다 감탄하셔서 어깨힘좀 올라갔어요..


매번 항상 주문해먹는 제 최애 떡입니다. 갠적으로 마음이가 보다 이게 훨씬 맛있어요. 많이 비싸지만 재료도 그만큼 좋은 걸 쓰신다는게 백번 이해되는 맛입니다. 건강하게 맛있는 맛이에요!


항상 주문해요. 너무 맛있어요.^^




두번째 구입인데 너무 맛있어요. 재구매할 생각입니다.^^


너무 달지도 않고 팥과 팥앙금이 가득...너무 맛있어서 또 구매할 생각입니다.


This is heavenly good. I'm a huge fan of ddeok in general but this product is damn good. It is individually packed so easy to take it out in the room temperature whenever I have a craving.


처음 구매해 봤는데, 달달하니 맛있어요


제주도서 먹고온 오메기떡 맛이 넘 잊지 못해 귀국 하자마자 오더 해 봤는데 현지 맛은 아니더라고요. 흑임자는 첨이라 넘 맛있게 먹고요. 팥은 그 맛을 못미치더하고요. 만약 제주도서 안 먹었음 최고의 맛을 느꼈을 듯한 아쉬움? 시간 지나면 맛있게 먹을수 있을듯 해요.