Premium Roasted Real Squid Legs 150g


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[D&Plus] Premium Roasted Real Squid Legs 150g

 Don't chew it for a long time!
Premium domestic squid legs!

 It is easy to eat the short legs of selected domestic squid. It is never hard and soft, and it is very salty or sweet, so the savory taste is very good.

❉ Raw materials
94.89% of domestic squid

Production and Distribution

It is not salty or sweet and softly chewed!

 Only the best squid is selected from freshness, taste, and quality, so the unique light rich taste is excellent.
It is soft, soft so the elderly and children can feel free to eat.

Manufacturing Process

Hannam - dong Galleria Store Most Sale!

It has entered "Garleria Gomei494 Hannam" and "SSG Food Market Cheongdam," which are known to be more difficult to enter.
 In particular, Gomei 494 stores also recorded the highest sales in dried fish.
 In addition, we are operating a single road shop in Hyundai Department Store and Songdo and Ilsan.

How to Use

Enjoy easily!

1. Serve with sauce such as mayonnaise, dried pollack paste, and red pepper paste.
2. It is a snack that goes well with beer, wine, and nuts.
3. Easy to take care of when you go out for camping, picnics, etc.

California Proposition 65

warning WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

THE : HARU emotional dried fish!The Haru insists on only the best products that scored the best in freshness, taste, and quality.  In order to protect the brand without compromising the price and taste, we produce the product of the only product we chose. Numerous tests, time of trouble to choose good products, refrigeration/frozen warehouse facilities to maintain freshness, and hygienically managed subdivision facilities.  We are constantly trying to provide good quality products. Like the slogan of THE HARU, we will be a brand that keeps the most important 'basic' to be a healthy day.

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쫄깃하고 짠 맛이 다른재품에 비해 덜 하더라고요. 근데 넘 비싸요 ㅠ.ㅠ


받자마자 뜯어먹고 담날 없어졌네요. 비싸지만 맛있어요! 양은 그리 많지 않네요.


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도착하자마자 먹었는데 너무 맛있네요.
한국에서 먹던 그 맛. 은은한 불향에 달콤 짭쪼름.
가격이 꽤 되니까 자주는 못살거 같지만
생각나면 한번씩 사먹을거 같아요.


페스츄리 오징어가 많이 안찌고 애어프라이어에 돌려먹으니까 맛있네요.


너무 맛있어요


비싸지만 부드러워서 좋네요. 살짝 구으면 더 맛있을듯.


통통하고 알차고 약간 버터땅꽁향이 나면서 고소해요 술안주로 딱이에요.