Handmade Seasoned Whitebait (100g (2) x 3 packs)
Handmade Seasoned Whitebait (100g (2) x 3 packs)
Handmade Seasoned Whitebait (100g (2) x 3 packs)
Handmade Seasoned Whitebait (100g (2) x 3 packs)
Handmade Seasoned Whitebait (100g (2) x 3 packs)
Handmade Seasoned Whitebait (100g (2) x 3 packs)
Handmade Seasoned Whitebait (100g (2) x 3 packs)
Handmade Seasoned Whitebait (100g (2) x 3 packs)

Handmade Seasoned Whitebait (100g (2) x 3 packs)


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[Sea Forest] Handmade Seasoned Whitebait 300g

Handmade seasoning banger is made by adding seaweed red pepper paste to the top of the domestic bang fish. The sweet and spicy taste is excellent and is good for beer snacks and snacks.

Manufactured Environment

Garorim Bay, Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

Seosan’s Garorim Bay ranks at Korea’s top 25% marine ecosystem health level, and was designated as the only marine protection zone of the country in 2018. The raw materials of Sea Forest are collected from areas where natural ecology is protected.

Production and Distribution

Production and distribution process directly managed by artisans

From the West Sea of Korea in April to May, the highest quality ice fish are processed through cleaning and sun-drying by an industry expert.

How to Use

How to Enjoy Handmade Marinade Ice Fish

After cutting the marinated ice fish into bite size pieces, slightly freeze to enjoy added crispy texture.

California Proposition 65

warning WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65Warnings.ca.gov/food

Allergy Info Contains wheat, soybean and whitefish
Manufacturer Songwon Food (Sea Forest)
Origin Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do
Ingredients Whitefish pho (domestic) 50%, glutinous rice red pepper paste [wheat: foreign-(US, Australia, Canada, etc.), purified water, mixed seasoning) 30%, starch syrup [corn-foreign (Russia, Brazil, US, etc.)] 9%, purified water 8 %, seaweed (domestic) 2%, sesame 1%

Storage Method: Refrigerator/Freezer Storage

Sea Forest started in 1980 when the seaweed called Gamtae was unfamiliar. Sea Forest is the best in Korea when it comes to Ecklonia and is aa premium seafood brand. We provide natural ingredients unique to Garorim with the scent of the sea. We provide precious, hand-crafted food with great care.

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고추장 양념이 잘 발린 뱅어포에 전장 김이 붙어있는 양념 뱅어포군요. 한 팩에 2장씩, 3팩 한 묶음 입니다. 가격은 좀 있지만, 이 정도의 퀄리티와 맛이니, 재구매할 만해요~


바다숲 수제 양념 뱅어 100g(2매)* 3팩
우움 맛 있습니다. 재고 있을 때 주문하세요^^


양도많고 술안주로 딱이에요


밥 반찬하기도 좋고. 아니면 그냥 주전부리하기에 좋아요. 한 팩에 2장 들어있고요. 뱅어가 잔 뱅어가 아니라 큰 뱅어포에요. 아이가 먹기에는 맵지만 어른이 술안주나 밥 반찬하기에는 좋은 것 같아요.


아이가 좋아해요 그냥 멸치는 잘 안먹었는데 간식으로 막 집어먹어서 이건 고민이네요


생각보다 크기가 커서 놀랐지만, 일반 김 크기입니다~ 뒷면에 김이 붙어있어 제가 처음 생각한 뱅어포는 아녔지만 그래도 괜찮을 것 같네요


많이 부서져서 왔지만 익숙한 고추장양념과 김맛이라 맛있어요.


한면에 김이 붙어 있어서 맛있네요! 뱅어포 몇조각 우리 아이 이유식에게 넣었어요! 지난번에 에어프라이어에 넣었다가 다 타버렸어요! 이번엔 팬 만 예열한후 뱅어포 살짝 넣었다 뺐어요!


매콤 달달하니 맛있어서 자꾸 손이 가요~
멸치볶음 대신 먹어도 좋고 안주로도 좋아요.

수제 양념 뱅어 매콤 달달하니 맛있어서 자꾸 손이 가요~~
멸치볶음 대신 드셔도 좋고 안주로도 좋으시다는 리뷰 감사합니다
학교 다닐 때 도시락 반찬으로 엄마가 해주셨던 기억이 납니다 ㅎㅎㅎ


뱅어포 처음주문 맛은 괜찮아요 뱅어만 있는줄 알았는데 김 뒤에뱅어

수제 양념 뱅어 뱅어포 처음 주문하시고 리뷰 주셔서 감사합니다
맛있게 드세요