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DIAMOND 멤버 Only (한 달 2회 제한)


$1000 기프트카드 구매시 할인


$500 기프트카드 구매시 할인


$5000 기프트카드 구매시 할인


떡 제품 $100이상 구매시 할인


경상북도 제품 $100이상 구매시 할인


  • Only 1 coupon can be used for each order.
  • Coupons cannot be used with the points.
  • Earning reward points for purchases made using gift cards is unavailable.
  • Coupon is only for WOOLTARI members, so make sure to be registered/ logged in to be eligible for the use.
  • Unless indicated, coupon validity is based on US Western Time (PST) and can be used until 23:59.
  • Depending on the circumstances, coupon validity can be terminated earlier regardless of the validity period.
  • Unless indicated, coupons cannot used for purchasing WOOLTARI online gift card.