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[Danurim] Gyeongbanghwan (Gyeongokhwan) Stall Type 60

It is a health food made with raw sulfur, honey, bokryeong, and ginseng. It uses 100% domestic natural ingredients, and no additives are included except raw sulfur, honey, fokes, and ginseng. Since ancient times, it is a precious form of a royal court that only the wages and royal aristocrats have been eaten.

Production and Distribution

Raw materials and production processes make the difference.

In a general pill manufacturing method, glutinous rice paste or starch powder is added, but Danurim uses a patented high-purity pill manufacturing method that does not use any additives and boasts high absorption without feeling foreign in the mouth when ingested. Ginseng and bokryeong are finely ground, then crushed and squeezed raw ginseng are mixed with each other and carefully kneaded. We use domestic Onggi to bathe at 93~97 degrees for 3 days and nights. After that, after cooling it in running water, it is fermented again for 1 day, after which the patented pills are born.

How to Use

How to take Gyeongbanghwan

For adults, chew 1-2 pills per day (1/2 pills for children) or swallow with lukewarm water.

Verified Quality

With Danurim's patented technology, you can fully trust and consume it.

Premium Ingreidents

Introducing Gyeongbanghwan's finest ingredients.

Danurim uses 100% domestic natural raw materials. From the visible to the invisible, we will take the lead in making only good products. In addition to raw materials, honey used for Gyeongbanghwan uses only products tested by the Korea Beekeeping Association that have been tested for antibiotics.

California Proposition 65

warning WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Allergy Info Contains honey, ginseng
Manufacturer Danurim
Origin Daejeon metropolitan city
Ingredients Honey (domestic), raw ginseng juice (domestic), bokryeong (domestic), ginseng (domestic ginseng), purified water

Storage Method: Avoid moisture and direct sunlight and keep it in a cool place.

It is a professional health food manufacturer of black ginseng, red ginseng, and Gyeongbanghwan based on safe ingredients and technology. It shows the fastest growth among domestic black ginseng companies, and its representative product is ‘black ginseng for brewing whole’.

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먹기도 수월하네요. 질감도 타사제품보다 부드럽구요. 효과가 기대됩니다^^


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남편이 한약재를 잘 못 먹는데 요건 간편하고 향도 진하지 않아 좋아합니다. 요즘 건강지키기 힘든데 세일가에 초특급 배송으로 참 만족합니다.


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이번에 세일해서 실속형으로
고급형 3박스 다먹고 이거먹고 힘내야죠.ㅎ


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