Castella Choco Rice Cake 720g
Castella Choco Rice Cake 720g
Castella Choco Rice Cake 720g
Castella Choco Rice Cake 720g
Castella Choco Rice Cake 720g
Castella Choco Rice Cake 720g
Castella Choco Rice Cake 720g

Castella Choco Rice Cake 720g


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[Maumiga] Castella Choco Rice Cake 72g

Soft and chewy castella choco rice cake filled with thick chocolate paste. 

Manufactured Environment

A famous rice cake shop located in Pangyo

Popular rice cake house in Pangyo, friendly village Maeumiga manufactures neat and chewy products by using non-glutinous and glutinous rice milled within a month.

How to Use

How to enjoy them soft & chewy!

Defrost the frozen product in room temperature for about 15 minutes to enjoy them in a soft and chewy texture. It will not harden and you can still enjoy them soft even when left in room temperature for an extended period of time. 

Premium Ingreidents

A chocolate paste with an amazing chewy texture

Thick and deep chocolate paste is filled into 100% domestic rice cake. Made without artificial additives and using only natural ingredients, Maeumiga's products are safe and sanitary. 

Exclusive Contract

US Exclusive Brand

Produced in Pangyo, Gyeonggi-do, Maeumiga's rice cake products are Wooltari Mall's US exclusive brand.

California Proposition 65

warning WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Allergy Info This product is manufactured in a facility that uses soy, egg, wheat, milk, peanuts, walnuts and buckwheat. Contains soy, egg and wheat
Manufacturer Maeumiga, an agricultural corporation 
Origin Cheoin-gu, Yongin City
Ingredients Glutinous rice (domestic), chocolate bean paste [{white bean paste (Gangnam bean/foreign: USA, Myanmar, Canada), sugar, starch syrup, maltodextrin, refined salt, sodium chia sulfate}, cocoa powder (Germany), chocolate (Malaysia), chocolate Castella [whole egg liquid (egg (domestic), white sugar, wheat flour (gravity: USA, Canada), margarine, cocoa powder (Malaysia), chocolate (Malaysia), SP, baking powder, refined salt], white sugar, starch syrup ( low sugar), sea salt, mixed preparations [liquid fructose, glycerin ester, propylene glycol, sorbitan ester, polysorbate 60, alcohol, sucrose ester]

Note: In the case of glutinous rice cake, please refrain from using the microwave or heating to defrost the rice cake as it will melt.

Storage Method: Store frozen at -18ºC. Please refrigerate immediately upon receipt to preserve the freshness and flavor of the product.

Maeumiga is a brand that introduces the "non-hardening rice cake manufacturing technology" to reinterpret traditional rice cakes to suit modern tastes. At Wooltari Mall, Maeumiga is most loved by our customers. 

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애들 아빠가 늘 팥 대신에 초코를 넣으면 좋겠다 했는데 남편 주려고 샀어요. 맛있게 먹네요.


아이들간식으로 좋아요


운동갈 때 챙겨가면 건강간식으로 좋습니다


아하!! 별이 많은 이유가 너무 당연하네요.
떡을 싫어하는 사람도 떡을 한번도 안 먹어본 사람도 모두 생소한 맛이지만 모두 맛있게 먹네요.
또 구매할 예정입니다.


There was a problem with delivery delay, but it was only a problem with USPS, and Wooltari's response was really great. The quality of the product looks good and thank you for the friendly response.


사실 가격이 꽤 나가서 이정도까진가 싶어 망설였는데 리뷰가 하도 좋길래
하나 샀다 아쉬울것같아서 그냥 두박스짜리로 샀어요.
두툼하고 안에 초코 필링도 가득차있고, 하나 먹으면 하나 더 먹고싶어져요 ㅎㅎ
실온에 두고 해동했다가 오래 두니까 꺼내놓은 떡들이 다 좀 퍼지더라구요.
그래서 바로 못먹을땐 냉장고에 넣어두니 방금 해동한듯이 찰지고 맛있었어요.
겉에 카스테라 가루가 묻어있고, 코코아맛이 나는데 많이 달지 않고 물리지 않아요.
저는 단 걸 워낙 좋아하는데도 아쉬움없이 만족스러운 맛입니다.
아마 그래서 계속 더 먹고싶어지나봐요. 이번에 슈퍼볼 게임날 친구가족 집에 파티 가는데
요거 한 번 더 주문해서 가져가려구요. 개별포장이라 나누기도 간편하고, 떡은 다들 좋아하니 좋은 선물 될 것 같아요.


개인적으로 마음이가 떡을 좋아하는데 울타리에서 보고 자주 구매해 먹습니다! 나만 먹기 미안해서 아이들용으로 초코떡 구매해봤어요~ 초코가 너무 달지 않아서 아이들 간식으로 딱이네요ㅎ 냉동실에 보관하면 되니까 두고두고 먹기 좋고 아침이 미리 냉장실에 꺼내 놓으면 아이들 하교 후 간식으로 간편해요. 개별포장이라 더욱 깔끔하네요 👍🏻


벌써 두번째 주문이네요. 맛있어요


Tea나 Coffee 같이 먹어보니 정말 맛있는거예요..WOW


의외로 맛있어요. 떡에 초코라..
인기가 많길래 반신반의로 주문해봤는데 한입 먹고 너무 맛있어서 매일 먹어요. 초코랑 떡 카스테라가 잘 어울릴지 몰랐어요. 무조건 재구매할거예요.