Wooltari VIP CLUB

Join the VIP CLUB for discounts, points, and shipping benefits.

8월 9일(수) 울타리몰 기존 멤버십이 VIP CLUB으로 리뉴얼되었습니다.
* 기존 멤버십 회원은 VIP CLUB 으로 자동 전환됩니다.


5% point reward + discount coupons + Reduced free shipping standards

$99.90 per year
  • Unlimited cash back of 5% of purchase amount
  • 12% discount coupons - 2 per month
  • 1Day free shipping standards - $139
  • Monthly exclusive product benefits


  • Unlimited 5% savings does not apply to products in the living/home appliance category.
  • If you cancel your order after using the 12% coupon, the coupon cannot be reused or reissued
  • 12% coupon cannot be used in conjunction with the Wooltari's other event coupons.
  • This product is a subscription product that is automatically billed yearly unless there is a cancellation application.
  • For inquiries and requests for subscription cancellation, please contact the Wooltari customer center (email: help@wooltariusa.com)
  • Free shipping is not applicable to Hawaii and Alaska regions for purchases over $139
  • Existing Prime, Diamond, Ultimate members will be automatically moved to the VIP CLUB.