Sea Salt 700g

Sea Salt 700g


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[Sooso] Salt

The sun salt, called the flower of life that sunlight is made, is sounded in the process of changing the salt. Experience the safe and minerals that are produced in traditional pottery tile crystals. As it is the fourth generation company, we showcase the sun salt with the accumulated know -how for many hours. With the idea of ​​feeding our family, we will always be a soseo that produces clean sun salt.

Production and Distribution

HACCP large-scale state-of-the-art facility

The produced sea salt is transferred to our directly operated solar salt producing area comprehensive treatment plant, and undergoes a thorough washing + dehydration + drying + foreign material sorting process that removes foreign substances or contamination caused by yellow dust through use of the nation's largest state-of-the-art automatic equipment.

Manufacturing Process

Traditional Onggi Tiles (Pottery Tiles)

Sound of Salt's sea salt is lined with Onggi tiles on the floor. In a traditional way different from most salt farms, salt can be produced by keeping the tidal flat alive and at the same time filtering impurities. It is safe as a one-day salting method in the ceramic tile crystal field, and the salt loss rate is somewhat increased, which reduces profitability, but we insist on using this method as it helps produce the cleanest salt.

Premium Ingreidents

Top quality sea salt

Our sea salt has an even particle and no moisture in the salt itself. You can consume it with confidence as it is 100% domestic sun-dried salt that has been used for 3 years with the salt of the West Sea tidal flat.

California Proposition 65

warning WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Manufacturer Sound of Salt
Origin Seosan-si, chungnam
Ingredients 100% domestic sun salt

Sound of Salt's sea salt contains the clean sound of salt. As it is a family business that has been passed down for 4 generations, we present high-quality and clean sea salt with our special know-how and expertise accumulated over many years.

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