[Goremi] Seafood soup 750g

[Goremi] Seafood soup 750g


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[Goremi] Seafood soup 750g 

Full of rich seafood with spicy soup!
Sweet shrimp, chewy squid and pollack were made by picking only delicious foods. Just boil it with a simple recipe to complete the delicious seafood soup.


Production and Distribution

Seafood soup is faithful to the basics!

It is a product full of various ingredients, and it contains sturdy shrimp and chewy squid as well as fresh vegetables. Enjoy a spicy and cool seafood soup that you can enjoy in 15 minutes with easy cooking.


Manufacturing Process

The ingredients are full!

It is a sweet shrimp, chewy squid, savory pollack, and shellfish.
It's a cost-effective product that you can eat for a long time if you freeze it right after receiving it.


How to Use

A seafood soup that is easy to boil!

1. After thawing the seafood, flowing in the cold water, wash it clean.

2. Boil 800ml of water.

3. Boil the seafood and remove the foam.

4. Add enclosed sauce and vegetables and boil for about 3 minutes.


Verified Quality

A series of Seolreadam that enjoy excitingly enjoying interesting!

Goremi Sulrae Dam series is a product that is easy to eat at home by cooking products known as sushi, fried, side dishes, and snacks in sushi restaurants, izakaya, and pubs that can be easily seen in Korea. All of the products of Goremi are made by processing strictly selected raw materials in reliable HACCP certification facilities.

Customer Reviews

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너무 맛있어요!!!! 양파만 좀 더 넣고 먹었는데 5분이내에 이렇게 맛있고 다양한 해물 들어간 탕을 먹을수 있다니 놀라워요.
첫날 먹을땐 깔끔했고 둘째날 재탕해서 먹을땐 짬뽕처럼 진하고 구수해서 칼국수 넣고 싶었어요 ㅎㅎ
꼭 재구매할거에요!


너무 맛있게 잘 먹었네요. 사서 냉동해 놓고 급할때 한끼 하기엔 넘 좋을거 같아요


정말 크기도 어마어마하고 정말 기대됩니다!

설래담 모듬 해물탕 정말 크기도 어마어마하고 정말 기대되신다하신 고객님 감사합니다
모듬 해물탕 보글보글 끓이셔서 이열치열하세요


해물이랑 야채가 푸짐한편은 아니더라고요 전 따로 더 해물, 야채, 순두부 넣고 만들었어요. 너무 맵지않고 매콤하게 맛있네요. 또 구매의사 있습니다!

설래담 모듬 해물탕으로 다양한 활용 레시피 공유합니다


해물이 골고루 들어 있어서 간편하게 한끼 끓여먹기 좋네요 . 집에서 키우는 미나리 깻잎 추가해서 맛있게 먹었어요


양념이 맛있어요. 내장인가? 꼬불거리는게 너무 많아서 개인적으로는 조금 거부감이 들긴 했네요. 다음엔 그거 빼고 야채와 두부 더 넣어서 끓여 먹으려규요. 홍합이 들어가서 국물이 아주 시원합니다.

설래담 모듬 해물탕 양념도 맛있고 홍합이 들어가서 국물도 아주 시원하게 드신 리뷰 주셔서 감사합니다
항상 울타리몰을 애용해 주셔서 감사드려요


배송 이벤트 토욜 도착 1센트 해놓고 그럼 추가 되는거라 정확히 표시를 하셔야 하는거 아니에요??? 서비스질이 점점 변하는거 소름

Goremi is always challenging for new flavors!

Since its establishment in 2012 based on its own korean technology, Goremi Co., Ltd. has been a professional and comprehensive food company specializing in advanced fisheries processing in Korea, striving to ensure that everyone can enjoy a delicious and happy food culture.

We will continue to strive and devote ourselves to find new menus and new flavors that were difficult to find in the country.