Wando Spicy Flounder Porridge 320g


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[Haesung Foods] Wando Spicy Flounder Porridge 320g

Healthy porridge made with the finest flounder caught in the sea of Wando!
Made with chopped vegetables and flounder fillet, we boiled them slowly and seasoned with pepper, garlic and sesame oil.

Manufactured Environment

Health of Wando!

 Wando Island's entire sea area is made up of stone granite and tidal flats, so the purification process is excellent, so many marine products grown in clean seawater in Wando Island have better taste and nutients.
Haesung Food's halibut porridge captures the Health of Wando, the clean sea water.

Manufacturing Process

Easy to eat halibut spicy porridge!

I boiled it with a lot of domestic vegetables and domestic rice. The texture is alive by adding a lot of domestic mushrooms, onions and carrots. Easy to heat it in the microwave and enjoy it as a summer food.

How to Use

Nutrition! The benefits of halibut!

Haibut is a high -protein low -fat low -calorie and is well digested and effective for diet. It is rich in collagen, which is effective in improving skin elasticity, and it is also rich in vitamin E, one of the antioxidant vitamins. It also contains abundant omega 3, improving blood circulation and healthy blood vessels.

California Proposition 65

warning WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65Warnings.ca.gov/food

 Haesung International has been working hard to make healthy seafood for more than 10 years since its opening of Wando Fisheries Disease Management Service in 2006.We have been working on various support and supply projects that can produce healthy farming organisms, and even when shipping through safety tests before shipment] To prevent seafood that is not suitable for standard value, it is dedicated to the production of healthy and safe aquatic products with farming fishermen. I'm doing it.

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남편이 한번씩 찾아서 비상식량으로 구비해요. 매운거 좋아하는데 그래도 좀 맵다고 하지만 참 맛있다고 좋아해요.


입맛없을 때 혼자 밥챙겨먹기 귀찮을 때 이거 하나 있으면 한끼 맛있게 해결됩니다~ 고소하고 매콤하고 맛있어요. 저는 모짜렐라 치즈 얹어서 먹는데 더 맛있네용


고소하고 맛있어요.
몸이 힘들때 먹으려고 했는데 덕분에 잘먹고 허ㅣ복이 빨리 되었네요. 재구매 할거예요.

힘드실 때 드시고 회복이 빨리 되셨다는 말씀을 들으니 저희도 힘이 납니다:)


매콤한 정도도 딱 알맞고 아침식사 대용으로 좋습니다.


이거 생각보다 정말 괜찮아요~ 가격도 좋고, 맛도 좋아요~


생각보다 매워요! 근데 맛있어요 ㅎ


가격 대비, 단백하고 정말 맛있어요


금방 다 먹어서 사진을 못 찍었네요. 적당히 간간하고 비린내도 없이 맛있는 죽. 재구매해야겠어요. 양도 많아서 둘이 먹어도 좋아요.


매콤한 음식 좋아하시는 분들께 강추입니다.


생각보다 매운데 너무 맵진 않음! 든든하게 한끼 먹을 수 있고 계란이랑 먹으면 더 맛있음~