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[Korea Mackurum] Golden Mac miso

The golden vein miso is a premium miso that adds more time to ripening time and the secret of Mackurum after a general ripening period of 4 months and overlapping.

Manufacturing Process

Secrets behind our sauce

Korea's 45th Cuisine Artisan, Seong Myeong Lye, produces the fermented soybean paste with her expertise reflecting the best timing, temperature, and humidity, minimizing the pungent smell of fermented soybean and maximizing the umami flavor. Using raw ingredients grown surrounded by fresh water and clean air at the foot of Mt. Juwang in Gyeongsangbuk-do, traditional fermentation techniques are applied for 12 months of aging to produce the best products.

How to Use

Recipe for crab stew with Golden Mac Soybean Paste


Soybean paste, water, blue crab, short-necked clam, radish, zucchini, onion, scallion, tofu, red pepper flake, kelp, soy sauce, salt


1. Add kelp to water to make into a broth.

2. While the broth is boiling, chop the other ingredients.

3. Take out the kelp and add the soybean paste and red pepper flakes.

4. Add the blue crab and boil , then add all the other ingredients and cook

5. Season with salt and soy sauce.

Premium Ingreidents

Mackurum's representative line of soybean paste, made using a layering method

Korea Mackurum's representative golden line soybean product is aged for more than 16 months in aged pots and delivers deep flavors created by applying a layering method which consists of extracting the soy sauce from the first initially matured sauce and adding meju to the sauce once again for a second round of ripening.

California Proposition 65

warning WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Allergy Info Contains soybean
Manufacturer Korea Mackurum
Origin Cheongsong-gun, gyeongsangbuk-do
Ingredients Meju 96% [Soybean 100% (Korean)], Sea salt (Korean)

Storage Method: Refrigerate after opening.

Korea Mackurum was created in 1989 with the precious meaning of 'a package that wants to continue the tradition'. In the clean water and air of Cheongsong, Gyeongsangbuk-do, we are creating a luxury store with our long-standing know-how.

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